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This changes the shouts and component words to be written in the Dragon Language, check the pictures for reference.

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[size=8]Shouts in the Dragon Tongue[/size]

Have you ever wanted your shouts to be displayed using the actual words of the Dragon Language? Well, if so then this mod is for you. The mod simply changes the displayed names of the Shouts and the Words to be written in the Dragon Language.

For example, Unrelenting Force will be displayed in your interface as 'Fus Ro Dah'

There are several options available and combinations available. You can have just the Words written in Dragon Tongue. You can have just the Shouts. You can have both. If you choose to have Shouts written in the dragon language then you can also choose whether to display an English hint such as 'Fus Ro Dah - Force'. There are two delimiter options if you choose to have the hint.

This mod covers all shouts/words that exist in Skyrim, and the Dawnguard and the Dragonborn DLCs.

Recommended Mods

Unofficial Dawnguard Patch


It is compatible with the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch (and the other Unofficial Patches). I simply note that here because the UDP contains a fix for the Drain Vitality shout bug. It is highly recommended you also use this patch. Probably not compatible with mods that change the name of Shouts (it should be compatible with other changes like the spell effect/words of a particular shout).


Automatic: Download with Manager and install. Scripted installation should make it very easy to choose the configuration you want. The script automatically detects if you have (and have the esp activated) Dawnguard and/or Dragonborn. You will get the correct main/dlc mods automatically. You simply need to choose the word/shout options.

Manual: Download the 7z file and extrace the appropriate .esp files to your Data folder. If you have all the DLC then you will want to simply use SIDT - Complete.esp (taken from the appropriate subfolders). Otherwise use SIDT - Skyrim.esp in addition to whatever DLC esps you might also need.
Don't use the Complete if you are using the others and vice versa.

Original/Previous Mods

Using this mod, the following are now unnecessary:
Shouts in the Dragon Tongue
Shouts in the Dragon Tongue - Dawnguard