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A ring that lets you shout unlimitedly, optional: +100% EXP

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If you have the ring equiped when you uninstall the mod, then load your charactor, the effects of the ring are still there, and are permanent!.
How to stay clear of this bug?...
1: If you are uninstalling for an update, only load when mod is reinstalled and not uninstalled if ring is equiped.
2: if you are getting rid of the mod, make sure you unequiped the ring, before uninstalling.
SIDE-NOTE: please tell me if unequiping the ring does not take away the effects...

Version 1.1, Changed ownership of the ring to player, so you no longer have to steal it.
This change is for both Files of the ring, Normal & EXP.

I made this ring to test if i could add 100% exp bonus to my charactors and just added the shout cool down effect, its normaly 20%, and i have tryed 100% before but it made the cool down never end, so i tryed 80%, and for some reason, there is no more cooldown, i can shout as much as i want, and im uploading it for anyone that would like it, i have searched for something that makes the shouts have not cooldown but what i did not find is an option, all the mods i found, make the shouts them selfs have no cooldown with out choice of what charactors you want it to effect, so i think this can give you that option, i hope you like it.

there is 2 versions of this ring, you can only pick one...

RingOfDragonborn: only unlimited shouts.

RingOfDragonbornEXP: unlimited shouts and 100% bonus to every skill.

Use NMM.

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