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Adds stand-alone craftable silver bows and silver arrows.

Permissions and credits
V1.3 - Bug Fix
- Fixed projectile error. Path to the .nif file was to an incorrect, non-existent file.
Sorry about that! Should work properly now.

V1.2 - Bug Fixes
- Deleted duplicate Smithing entries
- Properly linked models, should now show correctly both in inventory/smithing menus and on the player.
Bow Pack 1 - V1.1
- Fixed crafting recipe for Silver Hunting Bow, should now correctly output.
Don't mod when tired.

V1.1 - Update
-Arrows will now do more damage to undead, ghosts and werewolves. (Script work by FortuneQuacker)
-Fixed Flashing present in Beta V1.1, there is no longer a visual effect.
-Arrows are now craftable at the forge. (Herp-Derped on that originally.)

V1.0 -(Silver Bows and Silver Arrows Set)
Two Bows Available (Reskinned Dwarven):
Gilded Silver Bow
True Silver Bow
--They have Dwarven Bow stats, ignore normal weapon resistances, and should do more damage to Undead.
Require no skill to craft, but need Arcane ability to Temper.

Three Quivers Available (Reskinned Steel):
Ornate Black Quiver
Ornate Brown Quiver
Leather Quiver
--They have Steel Arrow stats, ignore normal weapon resistances and do more damage to undead.
Require no skill to craft.

Bow Pack 1
Imperial Silver Bow - All Silver
Imperial Silvered Bow - Silver ornamentation, mostly wood.
Silver Hunting Bow - All Silver
Silvered Hunting Bow - Silver ornamentation, mostly wood.
All leather grips for these bows improved.

I might do some more pretty reskins of other quivers and bows. I'm open to ideas.
See sticky post on the comments page for notes on my 'To Do' list.

Optional Fixes Available: (Can only choose one or the other.)
Using Option A 'Proper Length Arrows' models by Madcat221
Using Option B 'Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows' models by EvilDeadAsh34

Complementary Mod:
Crypt Hero Armor by Me

Thank you very much for your endorsements! :D