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Mardoxx and CDCooley

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Allows you to press a modifier key to take books instead of reading them, or to default the action to take.

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Always-Sometimes Pick Up Books - Version 4.1

Skyrim v1.9.29 or later.
SKSE 1.6.14 or later.
SkyUI 3.2 or later (optional)

How to Install:

1) Install SKSE >= 1.6.14 (
2) Install Always Pick Up Books.
3) Run the game with skse_loader.exe
4) Enjoy. (Optional)

What does it do?
Makes the default action for most books either take or steal instead of read. Press a modifier key (LShift by default) to read them without picking them up. (An MCM page allows changing the default behavior and the modifier key.)

Is that it?
Pretty much.

Does it stop you learning form spell books or opening books in the inventory?

So why a new version? 
Version 4.0 adds two frequently requested features, changes the default behavior, adds a few extra fixes.
    The default action is now take or steal and using the modifier key allows you to read books in the game world.
    You can now attempt to steal books without reading them first. Bountys will apply if you are caught.
    The activation prompt changes to reflect what will happen: Read, Take, Steal.
    The Read and Take prompts will be grey instead of white if you've already read the book.
    (You can disable the dynamically changing prompt from the MCM if you dislike it or it conflicts with another mod.)
    Scripted books will not have their scripts overridden by this mod.
Version 3.1 allows use of a gamepad button as the modifier key.
    If you're not using a gamepad you can stick with version 3.0.
Version 3.0 fixes a few usability issues people have complained about by:
    adding inventory sound effects when you pick up (or fail to pick up) a book,
    shifting the book just before you pick it up so that nearby objects react (i.e. things on top of it fall), and
    blocking you from taking a book if it would be classified as stealing (you'll get a warning instead and need to read it first if you really want to take it).

What's still wrong with it?
    Just like the original game spell books can't be used from the game world and some special books can't be taken.
    It takes a little time to classify the book so the prompt (Steal/Take/Read) takes a few frames to appear.
    (If something goes wrong with the dynamic prompt first try just moving the crosshair on and off the book. If that doesn't work try disabling and re-enabling the feature in the MCM. If that still doesn't work disable it in the MCM, save and quit the game, then restart. The default book prompt will be restored automatically.)

How do I uninstall it?
Delete the AlwaysPickUpBooks.esp and AlwaysPickUpBooks.bsa (although you really shouldn't be uninstalling mods unless you're starting a new character).

I don't want to use SkyUI, but want to configure this mod.
Have a look at SkyUI-Away

I don't want to use SKSE.

Cry me a river.
Or try Pick up books - Simple by Alaebasta


Mardoxx, Schlangster
CDCooley (v3.0 update)

Special thanks to:

ianpatt, PLB

v1.0:Initial release
v1.1:Made patches simpler. You can now read books which can not be taken.
v2.0:No longer uses SKSE Plugin. Delete Data/SKSE/Plugins/MDX_AlwaysPickUpBooks.dll if it exists
    Toggle key configurable using SkyUI's MCM. Default behaviour is now press Shift to take a book.
    Known issues: Doesn't show Take/Steal text when taking a book.
v2.1:Set default key in perk as LShift instead of undefined
v3.0:Added inventory sound effects, reactions by nearby objects (i.e. they fall), and no more undetected thefts.
v3.1:Added ability to use a gamepad button as the modifier key.
v4.0:Theft without reading support, dynanmic activation prompts, and the default is take/steal again.
v4.1:Theft system now compatible with Enderal.