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Djiin Cube

Retrieve a unique Artifact from the Nightingale Hall or from the Mehrunes Dagon Shrine.
Learn from it a new Spell which will grant you access to a tiny altered dimension.

What's inside:
19 Chests (themed)
4 Display Cases
4 Mannequins
9 Weapon Plaques
4 Safes (themed)
2 Satchels (themed)
2 BookShelves (containing up to 66 books)
1 Custom Forge
1 Sharpening Wheel
1 Armor Workbench
1 Alchemy Workbench
1 Custom Enchanting Workbench
1 Cooking Pot
1 Tanning Rack
1 Special Smelter
1 Bed
2 Thrones
9 Shrines
2 Room controllers
13 Doom Stones
1 Dungeon (with Special Reward and Extra features)
1 Merchant (after completing the dungeon)
1 Customizable Music Player
1 Special Crafter (inside the dungeon)
10 DragonPriestMask Busts
1 Special Shooting Range (after completing the dungeon)
2 Extra Areas (after completing the dungeon)
1 Portable Djiin Cube
1 Offerings Shrine

Everything handy, one single room!

You can fast travel from the inside wherever you want.
No NPCs allowed inside the Djiin's Lair.
The Cube Artifact is found under the Books section of Inventory (once picked up)
The Spell is under the Illusion branch (once learned)
Wherever you'll drop the Portable Cube you will change the destination of the portal inside the playerhouse to that precise location being so able to teleport back where you have left the artifact (remember to pick it up eventually to drop it somewhere else).
Weapons Rack not mentioned in the list above are just aesthetic.
Up to 5 Tracks of customizable Music playable inside the Cube : Duplicate a song track in WAV file format and rename it as "mus_djiintrack01" (...02... 05) and place it in Data/Sound/fx/mus/DjiinCube (create this path first). If you want to change custom files do it all over again and overwrite your previous ones (I suggest to use only duplicates of your original files!). Skyrim bards tracks set by default.
Own recipes dedicated to the new special Crafter, custom Forge and more!
New Enchanting Workbench allowing to charge empty soulgems.
Lots of customized features with unique mechanics. (Feel free to ask for more details)
The dungeon could be very hard if you have low level characters. Be careful!
The Arena is designed for tanky characters... you have to endure the beatings.

To install just place both files into your Skyrim/Data folder.
To remove just delete the afore mentioned files (Be sure to have your character in a vanilla location before doing this)
A clean savegame is always recommended before any installation.
It is also recommended to backup your files to avoid data loss/corruption.
There are not known compatibility issues. Please report if you experince any bug.
No Requirements at all, just the vanilla game.

IMPORTANT : If you are upgrading the mod it is strongly recommended to remove all your items from the Cube before to install the new version!