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Last updated at 12:25, 23 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 3:23, 25 Feb 2013

After a long week of being out in the wilds killing dragons I wanted to be able to come home and be warmed by a crackling fire, not repeatedly stumble into that fire as soon as I walked in the door. This led me to try moving the cooking area... which after a number of hours ended up becoming this mod.


Storage and Display additions because after all, you are Dovahkiin, Dragonborn... and dragons like to hoard treasures!

- One mannequin
- Two chests
- One safe
- One knapsack
- One small strongbox
- One satchel
- One dresser

- One weapon and shield plaque
- One single weapon plaque
- One two weapon rack (sits opposite the original one near the front of the house).
- The tall shelf by the front door is now a fully functional bookshelf.

I removed the large cupboard with shelves in the back of the main floor to make room for the new cooking area.

Two fireplaces have been added, both with exterior chimneys (they are also visible from inside through the roof openings) with one set up for cooking.

An enchanting table (yay!) can be found in the loft on the way to the much improved master bedroom.

Hearthfire Edition adds a small alchemy cellar. The key to the cellar door appears on the key hook when you purchase the children's room upgrade from the steward. There are two functional bookshelves, a few satchels and sacks, and a chest for storage in addition to the alchemy lab.

I kept as close to pure Whiterun styling as possible to create a comfortable and efficient home that is as lore friendly as I could make it. The improvements will not appear until you purchase the regular decorating packages from the steward. I set them to match up with the area they are in.

Known conflicts:

Simply Improved Breezehome will conflict with any mod that alters the interior of the house (excluding texture mods). There may be clipping on the exterior chimneys if you use mods that alter Whiterun object placement.

Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Major City Interiors (which looks awesome, btw) is unfortunately not compatible for the lighting inside Breezehome as I moved so many light sources in the redesign of the main floor but it will not cause crashes, just wonky lighting.

It is recommended for best results that you use this mod only if your character has never been inside Breezehome before. The reason for this is how Bethesda save files work with some clutter items, you may get object clipping due to old clutter that carried over in your save.

As always, please BACK UP YOUR SAVES! All of my mods are checked with TES5Edit prior to upload. Version used here was TES5Edit 3.0.29

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24 Feb, 2013: V1 released.

25 Feb, 2013: V1a Optional file released. This is only needed if you REALLY care about what the house looks like completely empty before buying decorating packages from the steward. I missed the enable settings on a few static clutter items. If you decorate the home fully at the same time as buying the house this update is not needed.

HEARTHFIRE Edition released. This edition improves the bedding for the children's room and the housecarl. A few items that Hearthfire disabled to make room for the new door placement for the childrens' room have been re-enabled and moved to prevent clipping with the opened door.

Changed v1a to v1.2 Main file for non-Hearthfire users.
Changed Hearthfire Edition file version to v1.2 for NMM users.

26 Feb, 2013: v1.3 released - both versions.

v1.3 for non Hearthfire users now has a better navmesh. Tested by my sister on a vanilla game. :) For both versions I changed some settings on furniture in the master bedroom to keep Lydia the *#$%! out of there. I also improved her bed. Hearthfire version has improved child beds. Three sets of firewood set not to appear in empty house before decorating.

1 Mar, 2013: v1.3a released - Hearthfire Edition only -

Added small cellar with an alchemy lab and plenty of storage to replace the lab you lose when purchasing the childrens' room. Cellar door in the kitchen area of Breezehome is locked until you purchase the childrens' room upgrade. A key will appear on the hook above the cellar door the next time you go home.

v1.3b released, sorry, my fault! Had the chest in the new cellar set to respawn. Cellar Door changed to one that better suits the wood of Breezehome.

4 Mar, 2013: v1.4 released - both editions -

Both editions: Corrects a few object placements to fix slight clipping issues. Sets certain objects to appear only after purchasing decorating upgrades from the steward. Nav-Mesh reworked (do not try to load from a save inside Breezehome).

Hearthfire edition: Made the cellar doors style match. Placed a few small decorations in the cellar and Lydia's room.

Unless any confirmed bugs are reported this will be the final release for both editions.

7 Apr, 2013: v1.5 released - both editions -

Fixes shield on display in living room that could not be taken.

Changes dresser in bedroom to noble style.

16 Apr, 2013: v1.6 released - both editions -

Removed enable parent parameters on weapons rack/plaques. Removed one non-vanilla light to correct lighting issue on one carved wood column.

23 Apr, 2013: v1.6 Hearthfire - German translation by Fexel added. Thank you Fexel! :)

12 May, 2013: v1.7 - both editions -

For Hearthfire version: Fixed children beds by returning them to the originals. Hopefully this will correct an existing game bug that I somehow recreated by changing them. :)

For *non* Hearthfire version: Fixed navmesh FormID.

23 August, 2013: v1.8 - both editions -

Fixed bookshelf triggers in undecorated home.
Adjusted cellar door position for Hearthfire Edition.
Fixed deleted navmesh issue for Hearthfire Edition.