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  1. SkyrimENB
    • member
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    If you are Using any other mod that affects the vegetation , plz don't use this mod , Its not at all Updated and will just create problems for u ....Vanilla Users are welcome though. (The mod is not updated coz i cant play skyrim my whole life , i ended playing skyrim long ago ) ......
    1. mlkey
      • member
      • 129 posts
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      Can you make a lite version?
    2. Keniff
      • member
      • 73 posts
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      He literally just said he would not be working on it anymore.
    3. belenbelen
      • supporter
      • 318 posts
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  2. PugmasterHBO
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    how to fix missing tree textures 
    1. cleanclouds
      • premium
      • 802 posts
      • 15 kudos
      Gotta check out your other mods, this only adds meshes. 
  3. sumugi
    • member
    • 573 posts
    • 97 kudos
    Can confirm: Ultimate Lush V3 for Vanilla works out of the box for SE, at least the tree meshes. Tried cleaning the tree .nifs via SSE Nif Optimizer and it broke the trees
  4. mobiusbelmont
    • premium
    • 2,067 posts
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    Thank you these are literally the best lush aspen models available. Amazing work
  5. maxman885
    • member
    • 569 posts
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    What would i have to do to get this to work with dyndolod? Does it have its own billboards?
  6. beavernxs
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    guys please help, my trees are purple i need help, please
    1. ElaraFox
      • member
      • 60 posts
      • 1 kudos
      That means the texture is missing for the trees.
    2. farmfowls
      • member
      • 54 posts
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      Did you ever fix this?
  7. Magicmute
    • member
    • 1,022 posts
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    The Main file section is a mess
  8. TheUnknownM
    • member
    • 57 posts
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    I love this mod, This mod look's simply amazing with Opethfeldt, I wish i can give this over 9000 endorse. This mod need's to be more popular.
  9. Gabby2805
    • member
    • 360 posts
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    I am using Skyrim Flora Overhaul and I am happy with it...except I would like my trees to be lusher, thicker and fuller...could anyone tell me which files to pick out of this mod to make that change only?
    1. HammerRim
      • member
      • 86 posts
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  10. stapledragon
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    hello i am having a problem with this mod whenever i enter whiterun i CTD i know its this mod because i removed it and had no problems but this mod changed skyrim in a way i enjoyed and that's why I'm still trying to fix this problem here are the details:

    i cleaned my affected save:this mod worked fine along with all the other mods i have: the only mod i installed recently was :Sneak tools:

    and i have a total of 53 mods and 52 mods active the one that is not active is ULTIMATE LUSH OVERHAUL: and i am kind of new to things about mods but i know how to install them:

    there are things i am leaving out but if they're needed then i will answer :Thank you if i get a response:
  11. PonceMonster
    • member
    • 556 posts
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    This is nice and all, but is there something that would help with these textures? I mean I know a mod for the bark which is right here,
    Goes well with it and grass field with a good enb. They're pretty performance heavy but that's why I got some thoughts on my enb. I aint gonna use no weather or lighting mods so it's all enb. I happen to know an enb that does such things while at the same time is performance ready. Seriously though, Hate these textures for the branches.