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Update changes are at the bottom

This mod add a flea market with bunch of rich merchant NPCs in Skyrim. Flea market is not in the city but on free, mostly flat central part of Skyrim.


Every time I played game over and over, I ended up having problems to sell my stuff. No matter if I was dragging loads of items from dungeons, made loads of expensive alchemy ingredients, or did banish enchanting - all merchants had too few coins to buy my items even with all speech perks and investments made in stores. So, there are 2 solutions: increase money of present merchants or add new. I decided to add new merchants outside of cities in a flea market fashion so it doesn't break immersion and doesn't force player to use their services.

I hope this helps you too. If it does, please endorse.

This is my second mod I ever made and I need help with few things. I need your help for:
- I need help to add 2-3 bards in open space there at the market
- make all (or most) NPCs talk like that Khajiit merchant
- ideas for Forbiden Goods (please no Psyjic order items, only things that would be immersive as she is a thief)
- general feedback

It should be only Skyrim.esm and Update.esp. I do have Dawnguard and Dragonborn but I think they are not needed. I believe only v1.8 of the game
Since this is in the open world, it might be taxing on your PC but I doubt. I have many mods regarding better textures, lighting, Skyrim Flora Overhaul, weather... and it still work fine no FPS loss on highest settings. My PC is:
Pentium Dual core 2.9GHz
3,37 GB RAM - my motherboard is stupid, I run Win7 x64 with 4GB RAM!
nVidia 550Ti 1GB
So I assume most players will run this without problems but I really expect everybody can run this.
NOTE: I do not use ENB! Enhanced Lights and FX + Realistic lighting overhaul only (and I highly recommend these mods)!

For more how these mods look look at pics here:

Since this mod do not require anything more than basic Skyrim and it's update, only basic Skyrim goods can be found at these merchants. I really was tempting to add items from other mods (cloaks) but then, it could be requirement so I didn't do that. Maybe will make separate version of mod.

- add optional files for users of Cloaks mod and /moderate priority/
- add few quests /moderate priority/
- replace peddlers with dedicated merchants /moderate priority/
- reorder goods on stalls and add maybe more /moderate priority/
- make bards sing - need help on this /moderate priority/
- make merchants advertise goods (examples like Madesi in Riften says "Fine jewelry here!" or others say "Fresh fish!" and so on - any tips how to achieve this?) /moderate priority/
- add carriage /low priority/
- add some elements like rocks etc to fix lighting at night /low priority/
- separate version with lights casting shadows /low priority/
- fix mannequin (why it moves? only when player tries to "talk" with it it freezes - he is evil!) /low priority/

- fixed bug with falling NPCs into ground - 2 words - MANUAL NAVMESH
- removed partial wandering of some NPCs, or make it standard
- fixed faces of blacksmith and cloth vendor - thanks to samv96UK the for advices
- replaced flee with flea - sorry, not native english