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Added: 15/02/2013 - 09:06PM
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Last updated at 5:39, 3 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 21:06, 15 Feb 2013

Edit: (23/6/2016)- I will be updating this mod through the updated CK when the remastered version is released in October. I will probably be making a couple of balancing changes, because, why not. However, this means every file currently listed will be pushed to old files, and the new file along with any new changes, will require all the DLC. Sorry. Support the game. It's too much work for me to separately update what is now... what like 6 different files? I will fix Unrelenting Force for good... hopefully, and balance some of the ranges a bit more. I will also upload it to Bethesda's site for console use. Thanks, and see you all in October :).

Shouts are lore-wise supposed to be very powerful and a devastating form of magic. By the time you hit level 30, shouts become worthless. This mod changes that. It balances shouts and even adds some very cool unique effects on the third word. For instance Ice Form will freeze the target forever on the third word, and Soul Tear will create a permanent thrall (until it dies). Frost Breath is no longer a frost version of Fire Breath. They are now two different shouts to be used by different types of players. It's things like this that I think make this mod unique from others.

This mod will completely change the usefulness of shouts in Skyrim. Shout recharge times have all been redone based on their effectiveness and power. Shouts like Clear Skies, Animal Allegiance, and Kyne's Peace have had their charge times reduced significantly, while Clear Skies has had its charge time completely removed. Shouts like Fire Breath have had their charge times reduced also, but it will be less noticeable in game.

-For some reason I missed two of the shouts for the cheat versions. Fixed.
-Added a Cheat Version for all files. See below.
-The first and second words of Unrelenting Force have had their damage reduced. Not by much though and it shouldn't be that noticeable. If anything it lowers the difficulty as Draugr use the first and second words.
-Some shouts that I overlooked have been modified to be more useful.
-Draugr can no longer use Frost Breath because I found it to be annoying. Sick of getting frozen.
-Draugr's Unrelenting Force fixed. They can no longer fling enemies like the player's shout.
-Dragon Aspect sadly now has a 300 second charge time. Too overpowered with stacking effects.
-Cyclone is now a tornado. Use third word for epic fun. Dragonborn file v2.0
-Unrelenting force finally fixed for good. Skyrim file v2.2
-Added a combined version. Read the description! v2.0
-Fixed the third word of Bend Will. Dragonborn file v1.2
-Fixed a glitch in which the main quest would not progress. Skyrim file v2.0
-Buffed Unrelenting Force and added some more bug fixes. Skyrim file v1.2
-Fixed problems with the shout Dragon Aspect for the Dragonborn file. v 1.1

[Notable Changes]
-Aura Whisper, Elemental Fury, Disarm, Dismay, blah blah blah now have either: increased range/affect enemies at higher levels as compared to vanilla.
-All Shouts with a projectile have had their speed and range increased.
-Become Ethereal has had its duration increased significantly.
-Call of Valor now summons much stronger heroes.
-Ice Form freeze times have been increased with the third word freezing them for eternity.
-Fire Breath is now very deadly.
-Frost Breath has had its damage increased and also has the Ice Form effect. (Albeit much weaker than Ice Form itself.)
-Marked for Death has had its effectiveness increased while the third word will strip all armor.
-Unrelenting Force is now more powerful and does damage.

[Notable Changes-Dawnguard]
-Durnehviir is much more powerful and will be a valuable asset on the battlefield.
-Soul Tear now does damage on all words but if the third word kills the target it will be made a thrall. It will follow you until it dies.
-Drain Vitality is much more powerful.

[Notable Changes-Dragonborn]
-Cyclone now does more damage and has a higher impact force.
-Bend Will's effects are now permanent. Any NPC hit will be flagged as an ally and help you. They are not flagged as followers though.
-Dragon Aspect has been completely changed. It will improve overall combat prowess by a certain percent depending on the word. It can be used more than once a day now. For the sake of game stability and the least problems, if you have the Dragonborn DLC and use my shouts mod I would suggest not picking the Frost Breath augment when you get to that stage. Pick the fire one or the Unrelenting Force one.

This mod doesn't change scripts or leveled list so it is extremely compatible. For larger mods such as Skyre that change a lot, but you like these changes better than Skyre's, not a problem just load this mod after. If you like most of my changes, but like another change to a specific shout, load that mod after mine.

[Cheat Version]
Added optional versions of all the files that are identical to the normal version, except with no cooldowns. Blast away Dovahkiin.

Extract to your Skyrim Data folder.

Really easy, just remove the esp.(s) and you're good to go. No problems and no worries.

None at the moment.

[Final Notes]
Please Endorse if you like it, and make sure to comment or give advice on how to make a shout even better! I am very open to suggestions, and if I think it's a good one I will upload it in an update. Check the images to see some of the cool changes I made. All DLC's supported.