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About this mod

This mod let you have full control of your dragon. From flying forth, hovering, shouts from hovering and perch down nearby structures.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • Italian
Version 1.3 has been uploaded. With MCM & Controller suport. Check logs for the details

To Update, perform clean uninstall the previous version (REQUIRED with new MCM configuration), then install new updates as fresh installation. (see below)


You can now control how your dragon fly. I was not very happy with dragon auto-fly and attack in Dragonborn DLC, so I made this mod. There are few new features included as well as preserving existing awesome vanilla features


As v1.3 - For the complete changes/bug fix, check the log below
  • Dragon riding with complete controls
  • MCM Config added
  • Controller mapping support
  • Combat landing - Your dragon will engage target on ground

As v1.2
  • Order dragon to land and engage enemies on ground (see controls section)
  • Grab kill (see controls section)
  • Summon Odahviing. You need to beat the main quest to get this fully working. Shout cool down is reset to 5s, shout again while looking at Odaviing (no need to aim, just look at him when he is close enough) will Bend him to your Will.

As v1.1
  • Real-time fast Travel as a bonus feature
  • Hover at any time, anywhere you want
  • Orbit around current position
  • Perch down nearby structure
  • Command your dragon to shout at target of your choice (from perch point or hover point)
  • Rotate your dragon freely in hover mode


The Dragon will not carry out commands immediately. It will take some time to calculate/build the path to the target. So don't spam the command, it will confuse your dragon....

  • [Back/'W']: Switch key, command your dragon to Hover or Fly around freely
  • [Shift]: Combat landing key
  • [Attack/Ctrl] + [Combat Landing/Shift] : Grab weak/wounded target (HP < 200) and drop him off from the sky. You can only grab NPC for now. I could make dragon grab anyone, but that's just too overpowered.
  • [Sprint key]: while orbiting (not hovering) and in combat, land down and engage enemies on ground combat. Tab [Sprint key] again to release your beast to able to fly.
  • From [Hovering Mode], switch to [Orbiting Mode] and quickly press, and hold [Forward key] to fly your dragon forth. Your dragon can only fly forth in [Orbiting Mode]. During the trip, your mount might make some turns here and there, but just keep holding down the [Forward key] to set him on the right track
  • [Walk/Shift key] + [Back key]: Perching down nearby structure. Usually the closest one possible. So if you want your dragon to perch down on Word Wall, press these buttons when the dragon is just above the Word Wall
  • While in [Hover Mode] or [Perch Mode], highlight the desired target (Spacebar & Hotkey 1, 2) then press the [Sneak key] to shout fireball at target
  • While in [Hover Mode], press [Left Key] or [Right Key] to turn your dragon facing the direction you desire.
  • While in [Orbiting Mode], select the target and press [Sneak Key] to use vanilla attacks command (The dragon will attack with its own AI)

Words of Advice:
Your spec should be good enough to handle excessively cells loading/unloading.
The reason why Bethesda didn't make it just because the normal system couldn't handle it very well. The dragon could fly max speed of 4000 - 5000 units/sec (horse could only sprint 600/sec)

If you have a lot of fade in/out screen (due to frequent cells loading/unloading), you could try to lower your dragon's speedmult (I already set it to 50, but who knows).

Select your dragon in console. Type
'setav speedmult 40' (as 40% or lower if needed)
'modav carryweight 0.01'

I take no blame for crashes, freezes due to your dragon flying too fast for your spec to handle!!!


  • SKSE. Get it here:
  • Skyrim with patch 1.8
  • Dragonborn DLC
  • Good attitude :)


Put those files under Data folder
Check it in your load order and start the game via SKSE Loader

- Type the following in you console (without quotes)
  • 'SetStage DragonMount_Rong 255'
  • 'StopQuest DragonMount_Rong'

- Uncheck the esp file and remove both esp & bsa file
- Do a clean save: Go back to your game, load your save (without esp loaded), make another save.

Other Mod I worked on:

Mounted Combat Enhancement, new Mounted NPC, Mount & Blade Style

Change logs:
  • New feature: MCM config added
  • New feature: Controller supports. It does NOT register for the Left_Thumb/Right_Thumb (SKSE issue). You should map movement controls to DPAD instead
  • Fix issue of control-malfunction after a while
  • Fix Grab Kill sometimes makes dragons go through ground or go sky high
  • Dragon fast-travel speed can be changed
  • Add option to reset mod/uninstall mod

  • New feature: Land on ground and engage enemies in combat
  • New feature: Grab kill wounded/weak enemies (HP < 200)
  • New feature: summon Odahviing with shout
  • Fix issue with save/load game renders this mod nonfunctional

v1.1 Update
  • New feature: Left/Right Steering while Cruising
  • New tutorial Video on controls
  • Improve Perch command, now can perch pretty much any Perch point
  • Much responsive commands, the dragon now follow command pretty much right away. Adding more Notification Message to help player on the ride
  • Fix minor bug that after dismounting dragon, player still be able to control them

v1.0 Initial Release

Credits & Special Thanks:

- Bethesda for the wonderful game
- Me (rongphale) for the scripts
- NihilCorporation & FrozenMinds for testing controller
- Enthusiastic members of the forums. Your supports & appreciations gave me a lot of strength to continue modding