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This Simple Mod simply deploys the Dragonborn new Oceanic Waves along proper places on the Skyrim Coast ...

Video by Hodilton

Requires Dragonborn DLC

After Checking the Whole Nexus I couln't find a mod that added Waves from Solstheim to Skyrim and since it seemed strange that no one yet did , I decided to do ... perhaps I have missed some other mods that already did that , but if there is I didn't find ... so here it is ...

All waves are placed with logical sense , you will not find oceanic waves around island with waves coming from inland , you won't find waves among icebergs , they all follow the possible natural impact of the ocean , leaving untouched protected inlands and fjords.

There are Two versions

Version 1 Vanilla 512x512 Texture

Version 3 HD 2048x2048 Texture

Version 4 HD 2048x2048 Texture and Water Splash

Video by Brodual

Video by EGMNOW

Video by Orb29

The following videos are based on older versions ...

Insane0hflex video


Water and other mods

"If you would like to use Waves and WATER together you can. On the WATER page download the Dragonborn add-on (make sure you have the main WATER file installed too) and use the WATER DB.esp plugin option only. This has no waves so compatibility with Waves will be optimal"

By Sparrowprince. Author of Water mod

The same can be said of other mods like Pure waters or else...