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Convert multiple audio files to xwm

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Raxdiam took over developpement of Multixwm
You can download it on the Fallout 4 nexus :

This program lets you convert multiples WAV and MP3 files into XWM files in one go. I saw in the forum that some people requested something like that, there's a batch out but I just went with it.
The converted files are in the /output folder.
Files types supported : xwm, wav, mp3, flac. ogg will come eventually.
Windows only, also please guys, extract the zip before running the program.

2014-08-18 : As I don't really have the time to update this anymore, I've released the source files for 2.3. It's kind of a mess of a code, but if anyone wants to take a shot a it, just do it! You can assume 2.3 as the final release from me and it most likely won't be updated anymore.
You can also check out some other converter like :
Xwm Ninja :
Skyrim Audio Converter :

v2.3 : this should fix ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND errors, it was a quirck in how C# handle the current folder
v2.2 : fixed some stuff and added flac support
v2.1 : fixed extension bug and made progress bar working
v2.0 : ported code to c# and fixed bugs, it should work correctly now, errors messages should be more to the point too. You might need .NET runtimes to run it.
v1.3 : added bitrates options, those are the ones documented in xWMAEncode, any other value i tried failed
v1.2 : fixed clear list button and added mp3 support
v1.1 : added an option to convert xwm back to wav

- It doesn't support utf8 named files or paths. That include japanese, chinese, russian, arabic characters (and a whole bunch of other). Rename your files to latin characters before converting them and put the program in a folder where there aren't any utf8 characters too (like in C:multixwm). I'll get around to fix that eventually.