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The Honey Moon Hall-Basement-Hideout consists of four buildings, a very huge cavern and an exterior house to relax near a waterfall. Everything is connected with doors. You don't have to travel trough Skyrim to find everything. So much things and everything, take a look, it's worth it!!

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Description updated: May 8, 2017

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Hearthfire and Patch or greater required!

First off all, Welcome to my first Mod. :) I started using the Creation Kit on the 10th february 2013. Please be indulgent with me, hehe.

The Honey Moon Hall-Basement-Hideout consists of four buildings, a very huge cavern and an exterior house to relax near a waterfall. Everything is connected with doors. You don't have to travel trough Skyrim to find everything.

Building 1 - Hall

The Hall exists since v.1.0.0. In the Hall you can find weapon racks, mannequins, weapon plaques, chests, display cases, a bed, a table to relax and eat/drink. Upstairs you can find nine shrines, more mannequins, and weapon plaques. Also a smelter, a forge, materials like ingots, an enchanting table and an alchemy table.

Building 2 - Castle

The Castle exists since v.2.0.0. In the Castle you can find everything you need. Weapon plaques, mannequins, display cases, beds, tables, a kichen with your own maid, a shop with your own merchant, your own bard, the nine shrines, the 13 standing stones, many chests, weapon racks, mask holders for all of the masks, over twenty-five safes, a cellar with beds and more chests.. Take a look in-game, it's worth it.

Building 3 - Work and Door Room

The Work and Door Room, that's how I call it, exists since v.2.0.0. In this room you can find doors to all the eight houses. Breezehome, Honeyside, Vlindrel Hall, Hjerim, Proudspire Manor, Lakeview Manor, Heljarchen Hall and Windstad Manor. Also a forge, smelter, tanning rack, simply everthing to craft. A table with all the ingots you can find in-game. Barrels with Hearthfire materials to build your house. And guess what? You got your own worker and he can even sell/buy, like a merchant! A room to sleep if you're tired after working so hard and a fire to warm your hands is also available. An alchemy table and an enchanting table with materials is also in the bedroom.

Building 4 - Armory

The Armory exists since v.2.0.0. In the Armory you can find quite a lot of mannequins, weapon racks, display cases and weapon plaques. Nicely build to make it look good.

The Cavern

The Cavern exists since v.2.0.0. In the Cavern you can swim in a little lake, hunt some elks or rabbits, shoot on an archery target, climb the rock until the top to find a there really a treasure?

The Exterior

The Exterior exists since v.2.0.0. In-front of the house is a big waterfall with a solid build bridge to cross the waterfall. A smelter, forge, tanning rack is also available.

There are 2 entrances to the Honey Moon Hall-Basement. One can be found left from Riverwood, simply cross the river. The other entrance can be found north-east of Riverwood. In the hills near a waterfall. Take a look on the pictures. Mapmarkers in-game are included and activated, even with a new started character.

If you like the mod, please endorse it. If you have any wishes for additions or improvements or found bugs, please let me know in the comments or on my website.

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  • 4x Beds
  • 3x Smelters
  • 3x Blacksmith Forge
  • 3x Armor Workbench
  • 3x Anvil
  • 3x Tanning Rack
  • 3x Sharpening Grindstone
  • 3x Enchanting Workbench
  • 3x Alchemy Workbench
  • A lot of Small Display Cases
  • A lot of Chests
  • A lot of Large Display Cases
  • A lot of Mannequins
  • Dummys ( Archery & Melee )
  • Shrines ( e.g. Talos, Dibella )
  • A lot of Weapon Plaques
  • A lot of Weapon Racks
  • Cavern with a treasure, elks, rabbits...
  • Armory Room
  • Work and Door Room
  • All of the standing Stones
  • Take a look in-game. It's so big to list everything. It's worth it!

Version 2.0.3

  • Re-Decorated the exterior of the Honey Moon Hideout. Take a look at the pictures tagged with 2.0.3.

Version 2.0.2

  • Fixed the introduction sentence from the Shrine Book in the attic.
  • Fixed position from the second chest on the second floor, where the 5 mannequins are located.
  • Fixed the spawn position from the trapdoor in Proudspire Manor.
  • Added some decoration in the castle.
  • Added a missing weapon plaque in the armory.
  • Fixed position from weapon racks in the armory.
  • Fixed the spawn position from the trapdoor in Breezehome.

Version 2.0.1

  • Better performance, up to 50-100fps+. Thanks to rgabriel15!
  • Deleted some decoration items because of fps laggs. Bad meshes!
  • Changed Ambient Lightning for better visuals.

Version 2.0.0

  • Added Armory Room
  • Added a huge Cavern
  • Added Castle
  • Added Work and Door Room
  • Shop + Merchant
  • Bard
  • Cooking Maid
  • A lot of storage possibilities, i mean really A LOT!
  • 20+ Mannequins
  • 10+ Display Cases
  • 35+ Weapon Plaques
  • 50+ Weapon Racks
  • For more infos check the description. There are more features, can't list them all here.

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed positions
  • Added some rugs
  • Added a new chest

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release