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Grim\'s Epic Companions and Gear Mod

This is a little mod I made for myself and I thought maybe
some of you who watch my Let\'s play on my youtube channel
( GrimReaperno666 ) would like to try the game the way I play it.

The mod is split up into 6 esp. witch you can choose
to use only the one\'s you want.Place them in this order :
The Grim ladies of Power esp\'s all 4 of them first and then
Grim\'s Armor pack and last Grim\'s Warriors of power.

The ladies of power are

Basil:Two Handed Warrior with her own special armor that
she collected over her travels looting the dead she has
left in her wake.

Elvira:My personal love interest that will take to you just as fast,
she uses a sword and shield taken from deep inside a tomb that
almost cost her life to escape.

Raven:A Conjurer of incredible power who has many spells that
even she has not yet unlocked,Help her to become the best at her craft
and she return the favor by keeping You alive.

Sheri:A power mage who can control the very elements of nature,She
increases her power by wearing the best
magical robes she could steal...I mean find.

Grim\'s armor pack contains many new and powerful armor spread around
the world in ...
Riverwood,Whiterun,Solitude and other places.
Explore the merchants to see if the
Grim Reaper has been there to trade put know these items
won\'t come cheap.
Grim\'s Warriors of Power adds three more companions to Riverwood for you to meet.
An Archer and a Brother and sister team of assassins as well as give YOU
the player a god like bow Called the Dragon Slayer that can bring down any foe.
More weapons are spread around the town of Riverwood
at the Trader so get your hunt on.

This is just version one of this mod and other versions will come soon so enjoy
and for all those who wish to try thier luck at Lping
I say have faith in your shelf and just do it .I did and so can YOU!

May the Mod be with you all my friends!

Just use Nexus mod manager to unzip and place in the data folder or you can do it my hand .
unzip the file using Winrar and just drag the esp\'s into the data folder and check the file
under the data folder when you start skyrim.