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Adds Anders from Dragon Age as a follower. Also there is a saved game of main char with the same appearance.

Permissions and credits
If someone wants to port any of my mods to SSE then you have my permission, no need to ask, just send me the link for mod's page so I can put it on regular mod version's page. Also never use that ports for any profit because they include other authors' assets.

I love Anders from Dragon Age, so I tried to create a character like him in my Skyrim. The character turned out quite like him, I think. You may find here 2 versions of Anders follower mod and a saved game file with main character of same appearance.

Anders saved game

This character starts at Level 1, Imperial Race, has Mage birth sign and is located in Riverwood. To make the character look the way it should, you need to install two following mods:
ApachiiSkyHairMALE by Apachii - is required!
High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox fixed version (Detailed version, not Smooth) - is recommended and optional
Keep in mind, that if you will not install this face maps and use default textures - he will look 20 years older than he should. And I don't know, how he will look with some other texture mods. But you may use any other mod for your own taste.

Anders follower v.1.0 non-standalone

Now Anders is available as a companion! Many thanks to maymay1588 for turning my character into a follower NPC!
Just place his files to your Data folder and activate his .esp in the game launcher. You may find him in Falkreath in "Dead Man's Drink". He will join you for free. He is a mage mainly focused on Destruction and Restoration spells, will level up with the player's character. Compatible with UFO. ApachiiSkyHairMALE by Apachii is still required and High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox (fixed version) or some other texture mods are still recommended.

Anders follower v.2.1 Standalone

Now Anders follower 2.1 is fully standalone. Now you don't need Apachii hair mod to be installed and he uses his own face textures from Geonox (detailed version). You may find him near the entrance to Riverwood. Before installing the new version you NEED to delete previous version by this ways:

NOTE! You may still use the previous version if you have Apachii and Geonox in your game! The standalone version was made for those who don't want to install the hair mod.

Hope you will have fun with him :)
Feel free to comment and upload your images to this page.

Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim
Thanks to BioWare for Anders
Thanks to maymay1588 for first version of the follower
Thanks to Apachii for hair mod
Thanks to Geonox for High res face maps and to InvadeKamchatka for blackbug fix

You are not allowed to modify or upload this file to other sites without permission.