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Please read everything before trying to make these files work as most of them require other mods or files. I will continue adding more files as I create them.

Sprint and Jump with the 360 controller:
This mod allows you to use DEA Sprint and Jump with the 360 controller. Currently the only version has my custom control map included which most people probably won't like. This is in BETA until I get positive results on other peoples computers. This mod requires 'Joy To Key' and 'DEA Sprint and Jump'.

"Sprint and Jump with Boost" - by Deathless Aphrodite

"Joy 2 Key"
Tip: Read the note UNDER the "Download NOW from CNET" button. It has a direct link that bypasses the CNET downloader, which of course tries to trick you into installing toolbars or something.

Please view the original forum for this mod if you have questions or problems, only then post a comment asking for help. A lot has been covered in the 1-2 page forum.

Zoom in with the hold of a user defined button - updated readme:
Requires Script Dragon. This mod allows you to zoom in when you hold a button (default E key) for 1.5 seconds. There is a glitch that once every 20 or more times, will stretch the aspect ratio incorrectly. This is a problem with the console function. Easy to fix, just toggle fov again and it will correct itself. I noticed it happens more often while the character is sprinting and I suspect it may have more to do with my old overclocked graphics card, so this may not even apply to you but if it does, let me know in a comment.

More files on the way! I'll update this with html when I get more time.