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Look at the shadows under grass, shrubs and stones! ;)

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Look at the shadows under grass, shrubs and stones! ;)

This is not game mod. This is display driver mod.
30-35 FPS in video, but 55-60 ingame on 1920*1200, Core [email protected] & SLIx480GTX with VSync, 30-40 on single 480GTX


NEW! NEW beta driver NEW!
Adds NVIDIA Control Panel ambient occlusion support for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. See the comparison screenshots on
32bit international beta
64bit international beta


OLD...NVIDIA Inspector v1.95 settings:
1) Ambient Occlusion compatibility: Fallout 3 (or Oblivion - see sample images)
2) Ambient Occlusion settings: Quality (or Performance)
3) Ambient Occlusion compatibility: Enabled

Ambient occlusion info.
A really good article about Ambient Occlusion and Skyrim (German Site):,854052/


Quotes section! :D
1. Hah, I'm surprised this works! Have you tried any other settings? Considered making a comparison?

EDIT: Or I could just make a comparison myself (see image section).
I'd say the Oblivion SSAO setting looks better here, too.

2. hello, i just thaught id add some information, if your having large FPS drop using this mod, try using the Oblivion Ambient Occlusin setting in inspector, and set the quality to "Performance".

On my system GTX 480 and Quad core CPU, using the fallout method and "quality" i had a 15-20 FPS drop, and using Oblivon setting at "qualtiy" i had about a 10-15 FPS drop, but setting to "performance" quality it was only about a 5-10 FPS drop!

Oblvion AO looks best for sure, and after taking many screens to compare i found the Image quality difference between "Quality" and "Performance" to be completely negligible for around a 10 fps boost!