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Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons' Tarm Ruins mixed into Skyrim
This Quest is for Higher Level Characters, Lower Levels can give it a shot to see if they can do it.

Permissions and credits
*Update News*
The Tunic from the KeyGuide will be added in as an optional download.

Link for Part 2   *********WARNING: You must have this mod installed and active before playing Part 2***********


[I now consider this mod 100% complete, I've done multiple run thrus and everything seems to be working perfectly for me, that doesn't mean it'll do the same for you so just inform me of bugs and I shall fix it]

It is nearing the end of the Gold Era in the Zelda Universe when the Rod of Seasons was stolen from a Subrosian that goes by Sarison. Years of running and hiding with the Rod he decided to dispose of it in an unknown location. Sarison makes claims that he took the Rod of Seasons in good faith to save his people from a civil war in Subrosia, even if that means he would be sacrificing him self. As decades passed Sarison's brother has hunted him down and finally tracked him down in a land known as Holodrum in Tarm Ruins. The Subrosian doesn't have it in him to kill his brother so he asks for your help to stop Sarison and retrieve The Rod of Seasons for his people. This is a difficult quest so remember that this won't be easy. It has been designed for Higher level characters, I would at least recommend 25+ before playing.

[The Location is in front of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary across the road in a Strange Shack]

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-Trailer/Key Guide-


Skyrim with Dawnguard


*Voice Actors
*New Music
*New World Space to Explore
*Hidden Locations
*Background Stories

*If a Key guide is Needed leave me requests for one*

-Things to Find-
Maple the Witches' Story (5)
Hidden Caves/Locations (4)
Maple's Broom [Won't be Flyable, I have my reasons]

-Known Bugs and Issues-

None as I'm aware of...if you find on leave the information in the comments

*This doesn't affect everyone but if the Subrosian isn't in the Strange Shack please let me know in the Comments or a PM, A work around that I think will work other than console commands is a clean save.

[NOTE] If there are any bugs or issues you find please leave it in the comments! Thanks

Todd Christian for Voice Acting and Music
People located in the Music txt file
Nintendo and Capcom for Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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