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The Magic matera, one of the three breeds that consist in the Materian society. They are the magic adept. The thunder that roars in their ranks. Skillful at the art of magical warfare. Meet the Magic Matera.

"The dead deserve to stay that way. Burning and screaming for life"
- leader of the OoM (Order of Magic)

Permissions and credits
[there's a FAQ at the bottom of the page. Please look at that before inquiring about any issues!]
Some of the description on this page is out of date or not quite what it seems (mainly the spells). If you have a question; as Rinera put it, my minions will answer-if not me. So leave a comment please.
For those that wish to use the console to add (or subtract) spells from the three races. Please refer to the Spell ID chart found below the FAQ

Just as a warning: I am usually a very happy person (except when I have my depressive episodes). But a GRAVE pet peeve of mine is when people ask about problems WITHOUT giving me any further information. If something is not working, don't just tell me "it crashes". I NEED INFORMATION. If I bite your head off, It's due to prego hormones and stress. So I am placing this as a courtesy.

Love all users of the Matera (new and old)

For everyone that is having issues with showracemenu. 9/10 times, it is not the mod. It is the showracemenu in general. Skyrim is designed to load everything at once while in character creation. So if you have mods. It will likely crash if your PC can not handle the output. So below is the recommended fix. Matera IS compatible with all hair mods. I have over 275+ hairs and I have yet to see any NOT compatible.
ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer by kapaer

I have placed a new requests section at the bottom of the page. If you made a request and it's not shown at the bottom. Please give me a friendly reminder. This is due to all the workload I have and I want to keep it orderly. ~Charismoon

Guess who's back! Only this time they are MUCH...Brighter??. They sure don't need a freakin torch.


Skyrim (ofcourse)
**requires skyrim to be updated to at least 1.8.1 - Not my doing, blame Bethesda lol**
RacialCompatibility.esm -RaceCompatibility for Dawnguard plus vanilla version upgrades by TMPhoenix
*Has a nice lovely NMM installer now

I DID NOT add any hair, eyes, anything, so it's basically basic. purposefully done. Please look at theadditional credits below for links to hair, eyes, etc. Default is Imperial Race.
The Magic Matera is the Power behind the Materan society. At a young age they are chosen to become apart of the order if they have a remarkable adaptation to the magic surrounding them. Their constant uses of magic is what has kept back the encroaching lycanthropy in their blood stream at bay. Their bodies are known to combine with the elements around them and leave traces in their skin. For they are the not the strength, nor are they the stealth, but they are the knowledge.

Check out these other mods from Matera Users and Other Friends!*Click on image to be relocated*

Disclaimer: All Images belong to their respective mod authors. I only applied them for better understanding. If you are the mod author and feel you don't want them posted. Feel free to message me. Please and thanks ~Charismoon
"Being called weird is like being called Limited Edition. Meaning you're something people don't see that often. Remember that." - Unknown

Special Thanks: My Husband and everyone using this mod! Thank you all very much :). My brain is mush but you always put up with it lol.

SkullTyrant - For his wonderful work in testing the Alpha and Beta versions plus giving great feedback.

TMPhoenix - For the great work on the scripting and assistance. Please endorse their mod as well.
-Custom race DG fix-

SynX1 - for the Matera Followers Mod (Link on Top)
- For helping with the Lore of the race

IDEA CREDITS: SkullTyrant - V1.0 - Keen Hearing (Magic)

- Elemental Defense -
-Armor - Elemental Hide (Physical) - Nothing is weakening the elements inside you. Your body ignores 35% of all physical damage.
**Works for Light Armor AND Clothing OR Only Clothing**
-Armor - Elemental Hide (Magic) - Nothing is weakening the elements inside you. Your body ignores 65% of all magical damage.
**Works for ONLY Clothing**
-Armor - Elemental Hide (Physical) - Nothing is weakening the elements inside you. Your body ignores 65% of all physical damage.
**Works for ONLY Heavy Armor**
- Weathering Elements - A 25 point of fire, frost, and shock damage to the opposing target. Release the elements trapped within your body.(Concentrate your power)
-Elemental Recovery (Magic) - Using the elements around you replenishes your magic rate by <100>%.(cannot be used in combat)
-Elemental Assistance - Your gloves no longer get in the way, allowing the elements inside you to create potions 45% more powerful.
-Keen Hearing - Without the burden of a helmet you can now hear things more clearly. Increases lockpicking by 25.
-Nighteye - You lost your adaptive senses to the night, however; with your senses in magic you find a way to adapt.(Casts a magical ball of light to see through the dark) - Toggle V1.1
-Nighteye (Dispel) - (will be removed in V1.1 as it's no longer needed)
-Summon Carrata's black sheep - Summon Carrata's Child to you.(acts as a summoned familiar)
-She's accidentally Invulnerable - My bad - Will be able to toggle summon and dismissal in V1.1

Just drag/drop the folder labeled Data.....

(Default) C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonskyrim
Also can be: C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonskyrim

If asked to overwrite it should be OK.Just hit yes to all.

or wherever your Install folder is....your on your own there if it's custom....

Uninstall: Go to your Skyrim install folder you went to above

skyrimDatameshesactorscharacterMMaTera [*DELETE MMaTera Folder]
skyrimDatatexturesactorscharacterMMaTera[*DELETE MMaTera Folder]
skyrimDataScripts [*DELETE MMateraracecontroller.pex]
skyrimDataScriptsSource [*DELETE MMateraracecontroller.psc]
skyrimData[*DELETE MMatera.esp]

-Ears are too far back, will update later
-Male tail is too far up - will be updated later
-Tail has a mind of it's own (believe it's the skeleton)
**for now: log out and log back in will fix it - at least it did for me**
-Sometimes they make a disappearing act to entertain the user (when near light source)
**for now: log out and log back in will fix it - at least it did for another user**
-"not sure if the physical damage reduction racial is working or not" - Re-check racials
-Weird spike thing at left part of male wrist (I use the same model as BMB's hands so I'll give it a shot)
-withering elements - needs redone

-New meshes for Carrata's pup
-New hand meshes
-More tweaks to tail and ears
-Leveled spells

- Bethesda - For Skyrim and making your virtual self come true

-RaceCompatibility for Dawnguard by TMPhoenix
-Expired - Creating a Playable Race - The right way - tutorial - Love it!
-Caliente - CBBE Female body -
- CherryHotaling - The Jiggly (You know it) – (Currently not implemented)- Optional
-Acdale EyeCandy Body ADEC by AcDale -
-PsychoMachina - For the meshes - Tail + Ears + the texture basis
Adult ads in site - Only reason I won't link
-dscythegeo - For the Elin Race - Tail + Ears + the texture basis
Adult ads in site - Only reason I won't link
-kenokun - For his face warpaints
-Chris57 - For the male body
Toggle-able Spells tutorial by allzero- allzero for the tutorial, EnaiSiaion for the script.
Fair Skin Complexion Sweaty Body-ADEC-CBBE-UNP-UNPB by HHaleyy

-Sexy Tan and Shine for CBBE Body by Desufire -
-DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 -

If I missed anyone please message me - I have anxiety so it kind of gets in the way sometimes.

Additional Credits (Screenshots) - Not in mod
Pinup Poser by Halofarm -
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii -
Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS by fore -
Hair packs of Fallout3 by Radioragae -
Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion by Radioragae -
Covereyes by mrLenski -
Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor -
Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M by MAK -
a little sexy apparel replacer - by Cotyounoyume-
Zira Skyrim Horse Base by zira -
Horse Armors for Skyrim by Mystikhybrid - Gabriel Gullbergh -

Useful Mods: Optimizer Textures by AdPipino - - Basically it can resize ALL the textures for Skyrim + mods. Works very well if your like me and have a semi - dying graphics card that hates high textures (which is why I don't do them in MaTera). If anyone else wants to make a high resolution version. Be my geust :)

Sex change crash Workaround by LABTECH - If your having the issue where changing from male to female causes a CTD for ANY mod at all. This worked for me.

If I missed anyone please message me for additional credits as well

I want to make my Magic Matera look like your Battle Matera.

Answer: I do not recommend this at all because you can change the body textures but not the ears or tail. The ears and tail are completely made by scratch by me which means they have very different textures. They are not intended to be furry anyways.
I want to make my Magic Matera look like your Regular Matera.

Answer: This, there should be no problems. Just make sure to NOT over write the meshes. Just the textures.

GoTo: Data->(textures)->actor->character->Matera
Copy the whole body folder
GoTo: Data->(textures)->actor->character->MMatera
Paste the whole body folder
**DO NOT touch the effects folder - these are the tattoos! Above will copy the Matera body over without changing the Magic Matera ears**

To Transfer the Matera ears as well:

GoTo: Data->(meshes)(textures)->actor->character->Matera
**yes, you can copy the ears mesh here**
Copy the tail and ears folders (respectively)
GoTo: Data->(meshes)(textures)->actor->character->MMatera
Paste the tail and ears folders (respectively)

**Note: **Be Aware: the Regular Matera tail will NOT be animated when transferred over. The reason is because you 100% cannot have an animated tail AND color change. This is due to Skyrim's limitations. (trust me, I tried ALOT of ways to get it to work). If you want to get it animated. (and not care at all that it will change with the hair color). Some CK knowledge is involved. I will paste a guide shortly.**
I want to replace your Magic Matera's Skeleton with another skeleton! I don't like the default, it's no fun :/.

Answer:Look Below Please-

How To: Below is how to replace your Magic MaTera's skeletons to any other skeleton 

You have to copy the skeleton you are using from the default skeleton path

[Your Install Location here]\meshes\actors\character\character assets female [for Female]
[Your Install Location here]\meshes\actors\character\character assets [for Male]
Copy skeletonbeast_female.nif [Female] OR skeletonbeast.nif [Male]

Paste in the MaTera location
[Your Install Location here]\meshes\actors\character\MMaTera\female\body [for Female]
[Your Install Location here]\meshes\actors\character\MMaTera\male\body [for Male]

Make sure to use the BEAST skeleton of the skeleton variation you wish to replace. If not, it may crash because the Magic Matera NEED the tail nodes for it to work. Actually, I'm not sure if the Magic MaTera needs the tail nodes but I wouldn't risk it.
Your Magic Matera does not show up in the race menu! What do I do?!

Answer: If it is not showing up it is a 95% probability that something was not downloaded/ installed at all or correctly. Something may also not be enabled(checked).

First, make sure you have Race Compatibility by TMPheonix (NOT the older one!). This IS required because the werewolf and the vampire won't work without it!
Second, make sure that your Skyrim is updated to the latest version. As of writing this it is v1.8.1.
Third, Double check and MAKE sure the racecompatibility.esm AND Matera/BMatera/Mmatera is checked! (I know, I know, noob mistake but it CAN HAPPEN)
Forth, Make sure you have the Main file installed THEN your body file (if done manually)(this won't usually cause it to not show up but its best to check)
My Game crashes when changing from male to female or changing race in general.

Answer: My first suggestion would be to check and make sure you have the correct body type (if you use an armor/clothing replacement) as well as the racial compatibility mod.

My HIGHEST suggestion would be to use the sex change work around mod below. I have not found anything not compatible with it yet.

Sex change crash Workaround by LABTECH

My NEW highest suggestion would be ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer by kapaer

The sex change still works but the pre-cache helps with alot more then just the sex. (that sounded wrong)
You have the regular version of my body but I want bouncing titties!
Answer: This is pretty easy. It just takes some work on your end. The reason why I don't do this is because, well, I don't want to ask permission for all the skeletons lol. back to the topic....

Install the skeleton that goes with the bouncing:

[Your Install Location here]\meshes\actors\character\character assets female [for Female]
Copy skeletonbeast_female.nif [Female]

Paste in the MaTera location
[Your Install Location here]\meshes\actors\character\MMaTera\female\body [for Female]

Install the Body mesh that goes with the bouncing:

[Your Install Location here]\meshes\actors\character\character assets female
Copy femalebody_0.nif AND femalebody_1.nif

Paste in the Magic MaTera location
[Your Install Location here]\meshes\actors\character\MMaTera\female\body [for Female]

Make sure to use the BEAST skeleton of the skeleton variation you wish to replace. If not, it may crash because the Matera NEED the tail nodes for it to work.
I created a Bodyslide for my body but your race is not compatible! Please fix!
Answer: Unfortunately these guys are not compatible with bodyslide since the meshes are tweaked for the tattoos to work. If you 100% MUST have your body-slide, I will take messages to tweak your mesh as well. But I DO NOT want to see any of the tweaked meshes on the nexus out of respect for Caliente. I will only tweak your body mesh if you're using it for PERSONAL use.

Tbh, if you don't care about the tattoos on the body.

Install the body file that goes with the mesh that you created the bodyslide for
See Question [You have the regular version of my body but I want bouncing titties!] and Under [Install Body Mesh]
Your mod broke my game! Now it crashes!
Answer: My patience level is stretched super thin. First check the requirements:

Skyrim (ofcourse)
**requires skyrim to be updated to at least 1.8.1 - Not my doing, blame Bethesda lol**
RacialCompatibility.esm -RaceCompatibility for Dawnguard by TMPhoenix

*Has a nice lovely NMM installer now

*Dbl check that you have EVERYTHING installed correctly. I don't know HOW ppl keep missing this. It's mind boggling to me. If you are sure you have everything, stay calm and GIVE ME SPECIFICS! If you don't, I'll merely quote this back to you. Have a great day.
How do you submit images. My matera is pretty and I want to show it off. :(
Answer: It took me forever to find out too lol. So don't worry.

Thought a visual will help everyone. Looking forward to seeing more screenshots of lovely materas.
I have an awesome tattoo that I want to make compatible with your race, is there a way to do that?
Answer: Ofcourse. The only thing needed is basic knowledge of a paint program. I use GIMP so I am unsure how other programs work so this is going on my knowledge of GIMP.

First head to this location:
--Navigate to the Skyrim Data folder -> texturesactorscharacterMMaTerafemale(male)effects
You should see a few dds files...
-femalebodyglow **They are labeled respectivley to the corrisponding body part**
-femaleearsglow **there's also the male variant as well, labeled male**

don't mind the other two files -
Open them in the paint editor of your choosing - in my case GIMP.
Press Delete or clear to get rid of the tattoo that is there - copy your tattoo over

here is where you need the knowledge - this acts like a texture.
1) The tattoo you want to glow NEEDS to be white
2) the rest needs to be Alpha channeled! ie - the background, otherwise the whole body part will glow!

**Note: To figure out the positioning you can copy over say the body texture over to a new layer. Have a clear alpha layer OR your tattoo layer on top. Then delete that body layer when you have the right positioning**
I Can't graduate from the college. In fact, they are sabotaging my initiation by telling me to keep the ward up and not casting the blasted spell! What do I do?! I need my A+!
Answer: Keep calm. Toldir is just being mean and is sabotaging your chances at initiation into the college. actually, It's just a bug. There are fixes around the web for it. So no fear!

First lesson college of winterhold bug
Elder Scrolls wiki first lessons bug<--At bottom of page labeled bugs
GameFaqs First Lesson bug
Another with the issue
Steam Forums First Lesson Bug
Gamespot first lesson bug

All those should help. If not, at-least one :p.
If none of those work, contact me on comments or message. comments will be faster on the Matera original page.

player.addspell spellid Replace spellid with one of the numerical values listed

Magic Matera:(You need to type ~ "tide key" -> then type help SpellName to get the proper SpellID to add)
SpellID: Spell Name:
01mmatclotharmoralchAbility -> Elemental Defense (Damage Resist) +35
01mmatclotharmoralchAbility02 -> Elemental Defense (Magic Resist)
01mmatclotharmoralchAbility03 -> Elemental Defense (Damage Resist) +65
01mmatelementalAbility -> Weathering Elements
01mmatelementalrecovmanaAbility -> Elemental Recovery (Magic)
01mmatglovealchAbility -> Elemental Assistance
01mmatlockpickAbility -> Keen Hearing
01mmatnighteye -> Nighteye
01mmatnighteyeX -> Nighteye (Dispel)
01mmatsummonCarratachild -> Summon Carrata's black sheep
-UNPB Finished - In manual section
-Fair Skin Complexion Sweaty Body-ADEC-CBBE-UNP-UNPB-UNPC - Full Pubic
-Fuller Tail

**NOTE: The Emissive Multiple below that also determines how bright the tattoo will be in the dark from a range of 1 to 3**

Next Update: 1.1
This was completely scrapped when moving, rebooting several times between pregnancy and moving that I have no clue where the update even is now
So we are starting a new from V1.0. I will keep everyone posted.
(released)1.0 - Initial release

Courtesy of my little brother: He confirmed that following this video works with the greybeard attacking you bug. Just thought I'd put it here for everyone.

it was hard without a horse but it worked. need to have 200 stamina.
just do not look back when you run. and also dodge and weave when it come to the shouts

Courtesy of swmXIII: For the Brawl Bug. There is a mod out there that fixes certain bugs with brawling. Like the magic bugs that some of my racials have. You can find it here.
SwmXIII: There is a mod called brawl bug plugin fix or something like that if you do encounter this problem (I use quite a few gameplay overhauls and unnoficial patches so I don't really have to use it)
In Reply To: Do the racials count as magic in a brawl bug question.

There's always of-course the unofficial mod patches:Unofficial Skyrim Patch,Unofficial High Resolution Patch,Unofficial Dawnguard Patch, Unofficial Hearthfire Patch, Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.

Courtesy of Charis(Me): This helped the issue I was having with Skyrim turning black then back periodically. Or CTD out of the blue. But Everytime I CTD I would get the error that my display driver stopped responding - Nvidia. I used the fix it now windows tool at the bottom. It's working for me so I thought I'd post it here for anyone else that may find it works for them."Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Courtesy of arecaidianfox - I thought I'd mention that I found the issue with my brawling problem. It was the Brawl Bugs Patch itself. As soon as I uninstalled it, brawls began functioning correctly. If I had to guess, it's because I am using SPERG, which seems to have some sort of brawling fix already.
For the latest in preview images and announcements to upcoming patches and updates please click on the picture below: