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Racial Compatibily improved compatibility with other mods. (For example, such as UFO, USKP, Better Vampire, Vampiric Thirst and Dawnguard.) Not for Dawnguard only. This works well with or without Dawnguard.

Permissions and credits
I am not good at English. So enough support is not possible, please understand it.

(2012/03/19) I uploaded a new version 1.6. It supports Character Making Extender and fixes an issue that caused when used console command "ShowRaceMenu".

(2012/12/05) I uploaded a new tutorial how to create a custom playable race. It supports 'Mounted Combat'.
Since Expired's original tutorial was written before Mounted Combat Update, it does not support Mounted Combat.

; Caution:
This package requires Skyrim 1.8 or later.

; Features:
This package is an improved version of "Creating a Playable Race - The right way by Expired"
And this has backward compatible for the original version.

The difference between the original version and this version is that:
- This does not rewrite PlayerVampireQuestScript.pex and CompanionsHouseKeppingScript.pex. So, compatible better with other mods that rewrite these .pex files.
(e.g. UFO, Better Vampire, Vampiric Thirst and Dawnguard.)
- This includes some bug fix.
(e.g. WoodElfRace and WoodElfRaceVampire were not included in the race list)
- Not for Dawnguard only. This works well with or without Dawnguard.

; Compatibility Example:
Custom Race + UFO
Custom Race + Better Vampires (+ UFO)
Custom Race + Vampiric Thirst (+ UFO)
Custom Race + Dawnguard (+ UFO)
Custom Race + Dawnguard + Better Vampires Dawnguard Compatible (+ UFO)
Custom Race + Dawnguard + Vampiric Thirst Dawnguard Edition (+ UFO)

; Installation:
Install using NMM:
1) Select this package in the Mods tab of NMM.
2) Press the "Activates the selected Mod" button.
3) When asked if you want to overwrite existing files, say "Yes to all".

Install using BAIN (WryeBash):
1) Right click on this package in Wrye Bash Installers tab, and select "Auto Wizard".
2) You will be taken to a confirmation page. Press the "Finish" button.

Manual Install:
1) copy "Data" folder from the archieve to your Skyrim folder.
2) For Unofficial Skyrim Patch (USKP) user, copy "Option - for USKP user" folder.

* When using NMM or BAIN, the Installer automatically detects USKP and installs the option for USKP.

If you will overwrite the original version of Racial Compatibility:
The following pex files will not be used anymore, please check file size and delete it if match.
- Data/Scripts/CompanionsHouseKeepingScript.pex: If file size is 28,504 bytes, please delete it.
- Data/Scripts/PlayerVampireQuestScript.pex: If the file size of is 12,622 bytes, please delete it.
- Data/Scripts/PlayerWerewolfChangeScript.pex: If the file size of is 12,475 bytes, please delete it.

Finally, check the load order.
"USKP Patcher for RaceCompatibility.esp" must be loaded after "Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp" if installed.

This mod has code to detect conflicts in-game.
If displayed as "Detected script conflict at (PEX file name). Do you want to display this message again?"
(1) Select "Yes", and quit the game.
(2) Delete the PEX file displayed. PEX file is in skyrim/Data/scripts folder.
(3) Re-install MODs that are in conflict.
This message will not appear if the conflict is resolved.

If you want to ignore this message, select "No".
(However the conflict is not resolved.)

; Change Log:
- Fixed an issue that caused when this mod overwrite original RaceCompatiblity or RC for DG.
- Fixed an issue that caused when used console command "ShowRaceMenu".
- Added Character Making Extender support.
- Fixed an issue that caused incorrect werewolf/vampire transformations when PlayableRaceList has "None" record.
- Fixed an issue that displayed the wrong file name in conflict alert.
- Improved to work with the old PEX file just to be safe even if you had not delete it.
- Optimized NMM and BAIN Installer.
- Fixed Dark Brotherhood cooking quest issue. The quest did not progress when you are a vanilla race vampire.
- Fixed an issue of the same quest. The quest did not progress when you use USKP and a custom race.
- Added conflict detection code.
- Logic correction.
- Fixed GenericRaceController's issue. Even if the proxy race was set to Orc or Elves,
  the race was added to BeastRace.
- Fixed GenericRaceController's issue that caused a incorrect registering
  when you load multiple custom races at the same time.
- Fixed the issue with NMM installation.
- Fixed the mistake of file name in L10N package
  (RacialCompatibility.bsa => RaceCompatibilty.bsa)

; Credit:
Expired for Creating a Playable Race - The right way
Bethesda Softworks for Skyrim and the Creation Kit