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A collapsed Nordic dungeon becomes a new home for the Dovahkiin.

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A Nordic dungeon has collapsed, allowing sunlight and life to enter its once barren halls.

These ruins have been refitted to be the perfect home for the Dovahkiin, complete with:
-All Crafting Tables
-All Smithing Equipment
-Generous Weapon Racks
-Bookshelves for 200+ Books
-3 Mannequins
-Master Bedroom Suitable for the Dragonborn
-Large Amounts of Storage, All Containers Set to Never Respawn
-Companion Friendly, Fully Navmeshed
-Includes Idles so Your Companions Can Interact
-Fish Pond
-Map Marker
-Day/Night Lighting
-Bonus Staff of the Spriggan (Summons a Spriggan)

Pardon my many replacer mods if anything looks different in reality than in my preview images.

If anything is acting weird, let me know and I'll fix it. This is only my second mod uploaded.


Side Note:
I originally made this with a housecarl with a back story and a quest to obtain the property. However, I'm not so good at scripting quests. If anyone would be willing to help me with this, that would be amazing - I have most of the quest stages fleshed out, I simply can't execute it. Thanks!


Special thanks to M3rvin for uploading an Automatic Light Switch script.