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  1. maymay1588
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    Okay now that there is sticky posts and I haven't updated in awhile, here is what is going on.This mod is pretty much in it's final stages, but before anyone starts throwing bottles of mead at me, I still plan on making him work with a human skeleton. All this time, I've been reading up more and more about the 3d programs and taking a break from this mod to learn, so I think I'm getting there. Currently I do have him working with the skeleton, but he is in different mesh sections (for example, his head, arms, legs, and body are not connected to each other). I'm trying to figure out how to either leave them detached and make it still look normal, or reattach the mesh parts so he does not loose the skin data I have working with him. If this does get to working, I'll post the separate mod as a playable race and on this mod, make an optional file as the human edition and maybe a werebear one as well. With that being said, the end result might not be the prettiest thing ever, but I'll try my best.


    Q: Dovahbear has way too much junk in his trunk. Doorways are his greatest foe to date!
    A: Damn those mead guts, anyway best way to make him doorway friendly is to use the console.
    Step 1: Hit the ` key (should be located at top left of keyboard).
    Step 2: When the console opens, click Dovahbear with the cursor and type without quotes "setscale x" (x is the number of the size you want and I think a lot of people use 0.8 as a scale).

    Q: Make him a mount!
    A: If you want him as a mount, I can't make him a follower and a mount at the same time with my current knowledge, but you can download gg77's mod to have him as a summonable mount. You can have the mount summoned and have Dovahbear as a follower at the same time, they work great together.

    Q: There is no dialogue options that allow me to talk to him in the Bee and Barb to follow.
    A: There are a couple of things you can try, follow Kalell's steps:

    I disabled all my plugins except Dovabear, removed all esm's from the data folder and then tried each version of the mod and couldn't get it to work. I then started a new game with version 2.5 with everything still disabled and it finally worked (took me almost an hour to get through all the intro stuff, lol). Then I reactivated all my plugins and put back the esm's and the new game still worked.

    Or this is a typical bug with new followers added to the game, but load the game with the follower installed, save the game and exit out of Skyrim. Open Skyrim back up and load that save and then try talking to Dovahbear again.

    Q: How do I get Dovahbear to transform or use the new features of the last update?
    A: To "Call" Dovahbear, take the special brew from his inventory and when in combat, activate the scroll and throw the bottle at a hostile. You will see glass shatter and he will fall from the sky in an explosion to aid in the fight.

    To transform Dovahbear into Dovahwerebear, take the premium brew from his inventory, activate the scroll and throw the bottle at Dovahbear. After a flash of bright light, he will transform and start tearing your enemies a new one.

    *Brew can be purchased at the Honeybrew Meadery outside of Whiterun.*
    1. bruiser514
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      love the mod but crashes my game alot!
    2. godlygamer911
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      By final stages you must have meant finished, it's been almost a year at this point.
    3. KGMeisenbacher
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      You're awesome. Keep at it, and best of luck. If you get this all right, then this will be my favourite silly mod! Because of the effort it takes, and the awesomeness of Dovahbear.
    4. clestin
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      If you can get the Dovahbear as a playable race and it is stable enough, you will be among the modding gods. Keep up your awesome work of making legends.
    5. thebunnyrules
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      Oh my god!! You are the best ! I'm in love with mod just from looking at the pictures you've put up! You got Dovahsense-of-humour!!! lolol!!
    6. meatpatty
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      I hope this isn't dead, I would love to see all the things you planned for this mod in action, like the human skeleton cause that would be hilarious and this mod would probably be legendary.
    7. IanofFisher
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      This is a great mod but the dialog can be pretty buggy at times (can't exit etc) so if something can be done about that it would be great!
    8. Wotanubis
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      I'd love to see him remagined as Iorek Byrnison from The Golden Compass.
  2. bastiisalive
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    oh man, i hope one day we get to see him in Special Edition
  3. misslagertha
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    A classic I must download when coming back to Skyrim :')
  4. jackdew747
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    Hello, I use EFF overhaul module for followers and after i recruited dovahbear, it was fine but after some time dovahbear becomes invinsible.I can see his name and when his body collides with my character then my character like moves.

    I Hope you can fix this
    1. Vatzfu
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      This can happen to all followers, try to open the console, then click the area he is in, then type DISABLE then press enter, and ENABLE to make him visible again
  5. Targwolfbane
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    not sure if you ever noticed this video (or if the author is still around) but this guy make your Dovahbear mod into a youtube star!
  6. only1dragonr
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    Great :)
  7. xaba1
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    need dis in sse :3
  8. IrNepo
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    is there a way to remove dovabear's loading photo?
  9. JustAnotherRandomDovahkiin
    • supporter
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    Will this ever be available for SE?
    1. Mjadunn
      • member
      • 132 posts
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      Probably not. Seems to have been abandoned. Modder also doesn't have many other Skyrim mods, and no SSE mods.
  10. thienthu
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  11. Wot123asia
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    i have question can dovahbear equip shield and sword now