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Lets you journey through Skyrim with a legend at your side.

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====Author's Note====
UPDATE 3APR2014: Dovahbear with Werebear transformation will now require Dragonborn DLC. Sorry!
UPDATE 24FEB2013: Added Dovahbear call and load screen. Instructions are in the "Instructions" section.
UPDATE 17FEB2013: The Dovahbear transformation into Werebear is available for download underoptional files, but the human transformation is still not working.

For those who want a more stealthy or quiet Dovahbear, try out this mod by Rexxux:

Silence my Bear - Stealthy bear sound by rexxux

UPDATE 10FEB2013: Zachriel allowed me to add panda bear textures to this mod.

UPDATE 03Feb2013: Zeroeternalz added a new file that will allow for shouting and other animations.

UPDATE: I am changing this to beta for the fact a lot of add-ons are planned.

v2.5Beta changelog

A- Removed the broken/unfinished playable race which caused the game to crash
B- The original esp accidentally deleted 4 vanilla relationship entries, that was fixed
D- Removed all the changes that were made to the bee and barb inn (except the placement of the bear ofc) so that it doesn't conflict with anything that uses/modifies this inn

Okay obviously this is more of a joke mod, but maybe someone actually wants an adorable, helmet wearing bear to follow them around. Unfortunately, he acts and fights like a bear in game typically does. I tried applying a human skeleton so that he could run around wielding a sword, slashing down foes, and using a fus ro dah shout that was a bear roar; it worked, but I do not know what kind of abomination I created in the process. It was a blob of a monstrosity. So for now this is it, but if someone wants to expand on it, feel free to use any of the assets.

1. Convert him to a human skeleton, so he can use shouts and fight with weapons.
2. Make a playable race once that is done and working.
3. Add armor selections and fur color options.
4. *Optional* If I am unable to do the above, then I will attempt to make him a mount and still add the fur and armor options.

=====About the Mod=====


If you are having issues talking to Dovahbear, try following Kalell's steps:

I disabled all my plugins except Dovabear, removed all esm's from the data folder and then tried each version of the mod and couldn't get it to work. I then started a new game with version 2.5 with everything still disabled and it finally worked (took me almost an hour to get through all the intro stuff, lol). Then I reactivated all my plugins and put back the esm's and the new game still worked. There must be something baked into my old saves that's stopping it from working. Unfortunately I don't know which of the mods I'm using caused the problem.

Essential (He's Dovahbear, nothing can kill him)
Ally to PC (Should not attack you if you attack him)
Will level up with you
Currently fights as a bear would, can shout, and transform into a werebear
Does not steal your dragon souls from you
Trades, waits, and moves into position
Takes up Animal follower slot

Back-story behind mod:

Adds a new animal follower in Riften's Bee and Barb to help you in your battles.

Thank you Brodual!

Thanks olivierhacking!

Thanks Volkanic!

Thanks Saiodin!

Traduction Français:

Traducción Español:


1.Download and extract file into the Data folder, by default its location should be steam/steamapp/common/Skyrim/data
2.Find Dovahbear by console or at Bee and Barb in Riften.

1.Remove the mesh folder for dovahbear as well as the .esp file

To "Call" Dovahbear, take the special brew from his inventory and when in combat, activate the scroll and throw the bottle at a hostile. You will see glass shatter and he will fall from the sky in an explosion to aid in the fight.

To transform Dovahbear into Dovahwerebear, take the premium brew from his inventory, activate the scroll and throw the bottle at Dovahbear. After a flash of bright light, he will transform and start tearing your enemies a new one.

*Brew can be purchased at the Honeybrew Meadery outside of Whiterun.*


Bethesda for the creation of Skyrim, the meshes and textures used for edit, and the creation kit.




AnimBowz for the idea:

DARKF0X127 animal follower tutorial:

gg77 for pointing me the right way to make an animal follower

Foaman for fixes to the esp

Zachriel for the Panda textures and nifscope mesh edits.

Sylom for French translation:

aittel for Dovahbear Follower Spanish Translation