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Adds a Selection of craftable Telescope with working scope zoom.

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NEWS: Version 0.93 is available


Iron and Dwarven Telescopes now animated. Open/close depending on if the they are 'Ready' or 'sheathed'. Also animated in Inventory.

Weather Effects:

All scopes are now effected by Rain and Snow. Rain obscures your vision some and Snow considerably more. Pics under Images Tab

Entry Level Telescope:

The Leather cased telescope has had it's zoom reduced and it's crafting requirements changed to use Refined Malachite. No Diamonds of any kind needed for this one.

This scope now has a simply amazing model and textures by Modder FrankFamily. Available with the KWT0.93FrankFamilyPatch.

Please see '0.93' under Forums Tab for more.

Iron Telescope

There is now a super high Rez version by Modder FrankFamily. Available with the KWT093FrankFamilyIronTelescopeReplacer in the optional files section.


Add's non combat/non Bow 'FOV' options for the Player in the guise of Lore Friendly craftable Telescopes with working zoom. Download, Craft, Equip and use as if it was a shield (Block to active) Check out the sticky under the Posts Tab for more.


The Leather cased Telescope is by Modder FrankFamily who totally got the vibe I wanted for this scope but just don't have the talent to make. Please help me say thank you by checking out his other work, especially his latest.

Three Telescopes and Textures by InsanitySorrow!

These Meshes and Texures are either part of TESA's Skyrim Resource Kit,

or (The SpyGlass) Insanity's Junk Yard over on TESA

full credit to them for excellent work, especially Insanity's generosity letting me use them :)

Please remember you must credit them again if you use them.

Modder Volvaga0's pawprints are all over the script. Top man, wouldn't have got this far without him.

You can find him at Dwemer Goggles and Scouter, one of the best mods on the nexus.

The Animations would not have been possible without the work done by Modder Nez and Dwarven Mechanical Equipment

if you want to know how to animate objects/weapons this is where you go. Unbelievable modding at work here.

Like Real Ale and Tobacco some thing are just better together. Modder Ecceau's 'Guess the Distance - Perceptive Scouting'

is something your just going to have to take a look at if you use this mod. This guy can seriously script.


IMPORTANT! This Mod requires the latest version of SKSE. If you don't know about SKSE check out Gopher's video at

or head over to

Click the Download with Manager button in the files section to download to NMM.
Activate the mod in NMM.

To manually install, just download the file and extract the files into the data folder.


Fully compatible with SKYUI, IHUD and all that other cool stuff you may think will explode if you download this mod. I use them as well, so no worries.


1:Give you the perfect Telescope.
The script may take a second to fire and/or close. (Depending on how many scripts are running, how 'busy' your loaded cells are, how many mods your running and so on.) Really It's how good your system is that will determine the speed and smoothness of the zoom effect.

What you see through the Telescope depends on your Display settings. uGrids, LOD's all that kind of stuff. this mod doesn't touch them, only FOV.

Don't expect Perfection, this is my first ever mod! (I've added some ramblings about the technical limitations of this mod under the Forums Tab. Don't read them, there boring)

2.Completely screw your custom FOV settings and Save games.
Don't panic! The mods script reads your FOV ini setting and returns it to the original value when it's done.