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  1. 3jiou
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    Updating from v1.x.x to v2.x.x.

    Before updating from v1.x.x to v2.x.x, do the following:

    1. Open the console and enter the following:

    stopquest at_updatequest
    stopquest at_mainqst
    stopquest at_mainqst12
    stopquest at_qst113

    2. save your game
    3. uninstall v1.x.x
    4. run game
    5. save again
    6. install v2.x.x
    7. load the savegame from step 5

    Updating from v2.x.x to v2.2.x.

    Before updating from v2.x.x to v2.2.x, do the following:

    - Press "Uninstall" under the Settings tab and confirm when asked
    - Quit the escape menu and wait for several seconds (5 sec at least)
    - Save your game, quit Skyrim, uninstall Achieve That
    - Launch the game, load your previous save and save again
    - Install a new version
    Updating from v2.2.0

    Including 2.2.0, 2.2.1 & 2.3.0
    - No specific requirements, simply deactivate the old version and activate the newer version.

    Non-English users

    - rename "achievethat_english.txt" (located in Data/Interface/Translations) to "achievethat_yourlanguage.txt" (for example, achievethat_german.txt).

    My apologies for any inconvenience.
  2. Exploer
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    For anyone wondering I found - likely - the solution to all $ACH bugs in MCM menu, for all mods. See, I was playing russian version, so game -as I understand anyway - kept looking for _russian.txt in translations but couldnt find it. For me, renaming _english.txt into _russian.txt for all mods solved ALL $ bugs in MCM menu, so here is that.
  3. JDDouglas
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    Can this mod be adapted for use on Xbox please? Totally one of my favorites. 
  4. Septpas
    • member
    • 98 posts
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    ACHtung! Here is what worked for me with the $ACH... bug.
    Maybe the problem occurred because I play the english version of Skyrim with a french keyboard. I don't think there is another non-english part in my game.
    As it is problematic to uninstall scripted mods, it was better to find a fix or leave the mod with that display bug.

    The solution in my case was simply to create the sub-directory ...\interface\Translations\ and to move the file 'achievethat_english.txt' in it.
    Et voilà!

    If you use Mod Organizer, it is all in the Achieve That particular directory (I suppose it is the same with Vortex).
    If you use the game Data directory to put your mods (barbarian!), it must be placed in ...\Data\Interface\Translations\
  5. faelheavymetal
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    The mod is bugged on the MCM menu for some reason. IDK what to do.
    1. zachsaballer
      • premium
      • 722 posts
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      I had that issue last time I used this mod as well. I was thinking about installing it again, but I guess it'd prob be better to leave it out for now.
  6. Carinyc
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    update to special edition pls
    1. Mytor
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    2. davethepak
      • member
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      Did you guys just ask for an SE version?

      Two things - one this mod is over six years old...not sure about any updates.

      Secondly, a bit of searching in SE....
    3. zachsaballer
      • premium
      • 722 posts
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      yeah I know right lol
  7. gwynhefar
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    In response to post #41404760. #41663785, #41689995, #42542880, #43350885, #44477385, #49108717 are all replies on the same post.


    In the end I was never able to solve this issue. I eventually just gave up. Though now that I think of it, my skyrim installation was on a different drive this time than normal for space reasons, so maybe that played some part.

    I'm having this issue - did anyone ever figure out how to fix it? I'm using Mod Organizer and all my other mods that use MCM work just fine.
    1. NanaBeats
      • supporter
      • 722 posts
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      Hey I donno if you still have this issue but the way I fixed it was by deleting the mod entirely. Reinstall the mod again then reinstalled SKSE again.
      I did it in that particularly order. Hope you have it fixed.
    2. DitrichBlack
      • member
      • 30 posts
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      Thank you very much, NanaBeats! It finally worked by following your advice!

      The only one thing to add is - create a new character
  8. Faunts
    • member
    • 146 posts
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    When I uninstalled this mod it made my shouts completely unable to recharge. I had chosen three shout recovery perks using Glory. Also, I used the in-built uninstall button first.

    For some reason it seemed to add +50 to ShoutRecoveryMult. Using forceav shoutrecoverymult 1 after uninstalling in-game fixed the issue.
    1. MonsterTamerBilly
      • member
      • 283 posts
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      This is why you should NEVER uninstall a mod if you plan to continue using the same save. If you must uninstall a mod, anything that has their own scripts, assets, what have you, then say goodbye to your saves. To all of them.

      No matter what clean save guides tell you to do, no matter what a tutorial in youtube says. If you uninstall a mod then your saves are compromised. Permanently. Start again from scratch or commit yourself to not uninstall the mod. Any other method runs the risk to bloat your save with errors, orphaned scripts, and corrupt your save. In rare cases, even needing to reinstall the game itself because the missing assets just bricked the game itself. In even rarer cases, memory leaks migrate the problems to your machine.

      This goes for any game at any time, not just Skyrim here. Delete a mod? New Game time. No ifs, no buts.

      Unless you wanna be in the 0.01% of the cases that need to reformat their whole computer, if not downright buy new parts, because you've let a simple mod uninstall escalate the problems to a burnt motherboard due to exerting itself trying to deal with the missing asset problems...
    2. OctoberFox
      • member
      • 17 posts
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      This is one of the plethora of reasons I love MO2 so much. It idiot proofs things because modding can break this game so easily, but MO2 sandboxes pretty close to everything, making it highly modular. It can't save a save with missing mods, but plenty of other mistakes are avoidable with it.

      I HIGHLY recommend rotating save games whenever possible on everything. I keep a minimum of three when possible, just to avert catastrophe. Rolling back a day or even a week can often be better than starting over completely.
    3. Behelit79
      • member
      • 364 posts
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      What's this? Maybe you can add even Covid-19 is caused by a mod uninstall... When uninstall a mod just run a script cleaner on the savegame and almost 99% you're good to go. Just don't uninstall mods in a batch, only do it one by one and always cleaning the savegame inbetween.
  9. Garmzas
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    Does anybody know, please, if this mod does exist for Fallout 4? Or is there anything like that? Thank you :-)
    1. vlaka
      • premium
      • 6,239 posts
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      not that i know of which is a shame :(
    2. davethepak
      • member
      • 1,786 posts
      • 32 kudos
      that would be awesome for fallout 4!!!

      Hmmmm...... I might have to think about that.
    3. syphek
      • supporter
      • 29 posts
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      The ACRw17 mod adds a prestige like system for that weapon, but I haven't seen anything more general like this
  10. markjohnwallman
    • premium
    • 188 posts
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    I have got 4 point in my magic regen but it does not chage the regen rate in combat only outside of comabt i bet this is the same for health and stamina how can i fix this thank you
  11. SableVarg
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    Is there any enchantment, or any way to actually increase the chance of contracting a disease? Contracting a disease about 50 times is kinda problematic, even more so when you want to become a Vampire Lord... Sure, there are console commands, but uh...