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Higher resolution default Septim Coin

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Septim HD

SeptimHD.esp and Scripts\septimhdquestscript.pex

This is just added cosmetic value to your game meant for your viewing or cluttering errr.. decorating needs. Want to decorate your home and drop some coins around for immersion? Here ya go!

Once you complete Unbound (Helgen) a courier will seek you out. Should be no issues when using with Alternate Start. The Septims have no weight and no in-game value as to not be considered a 'cheat script' by getting free 'Gold'.

The plugin is 100% optional. If you have another coin texture you like better and just want the added decorating option, simply install the SeptimHD.esp to your Data folder and septimhdquestscript.pex to your Scripts folder. (You will need to install manually)

I recommend a mod like Jaxonz Positioner to aid in decoration placement.

Huge thanks to GamerPoets for the Septim HD video! Check them out at: GamerPoets and be sure to Like, Subscribe, and Ring the Bell!