Dwarves of Middle Earth by winicius
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i know this isnt the first(probably neither the last) mod that tries to add tolkien's dwarves to the game

what do i think that makes my mod special?
i havent work much on the race yet, i used the fat skeleton from, and set the scale to 0.83 males and 0.82 females, i played some hours and it felt like a real dwarf mod should be
some animations looks weird, but most still looks fine, or decent at least

my goal:
i'll probably work on compatibility issues with other mods or vanilla features and the race properties, tips are welcome =]
at the moment i got 2 jobs, i'll try to update the mod as soon as possible, but i hope you understand if it take too much time

race skill bonus:
two-handed 5
one-handed 5
heavy armor 5
smithing 10
enchanting 5
light armor 5

Berzeker rage(equal to the orc)
25 resistence to fire and ice(nords have 50 resistence to ice)

about the beards:
the hobbit movie showed that not all dwarves have long exotic beards, we already have a great variety of beards, so i think its not a problem

very recommended mod: ->it solves the 1st person view problem -> beaultiful beards

not sure if it is from racemenu mod or my fault, sometimes the hairstyle dont change, try switching the presets and it should solve the problem
koechophe for the fat skeleton -> GPM26's mod inspired me, i loved his iniciative, but his mod was too different from what i had in mind, so i felt i had do make my own mod