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Added: 14/01/2013 - 12:21AM
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I like freckles, but just a cute little splash across the nose. I tried several other freckle texture replacers/mods, all of which had something I liked. But. They all altered the color of the female's faces causing bad neck seams due, apparently, to artifacting in the DXT compression/decompression. So I made this. It's an uncompressed 512 dds texture. To install, unzip and drop into Data\textures\actors\character\female under your skyrim directory.

What I don't understand is why DXT5 compression causes this problem because reopening the compressed file and doing a point color sample still comes back with Toyo 1015, which is the same color I get from a sample of the vanilla file. Ah, the great mysteries of life... And so this is as much an experiment as anything else. If this causes a neck seam, I'd like to know, because I freaking hate neck seams. Seriously. It makes all the characters look like some kind of Frankensteinian experiment and I keep looking for the sutures around their neck.

Anyway, hope you like it. Might do more for females, will definitely do one for males (with a plug-in... why don't males get any love in this game, even from Bethesda?). In any case, first I want to figure out what DXT is doing to these textures, since the vanilla textures don't cause this.