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Adds a Neliel (from anime Bleach) themed Warpaint and 3 new Freckle headdetail textures to ECE

Permissions and credits
Adds a Neliel (from anime Bleach) themed Warpaint and 3 new Freckle headdetail textures to ECE. All vanilla races, exept vampire and beast races. Female only.
I provide a functional addon to the Enhanced Character Edit (ECE) by tktk1, you need this mod as prerequisite ECE on nexus

Load after ECE.
Consider as modders ressource.
It is NOT compatible with other mods that change anything at vanilla race, as the last one loaded neglates earlier mods. (same rules like for ECE)
But it is compatible with replacer mods, like XCE -warpaint and dirt, eyes, brows...
Exeptions are merged patches...

As a sidenote, this is created on german skyrim localisation, without DLC. The esp includes the races tab copied from ECE and few TextureSets.

Can be used as example, how to add more wapaints or skin details to races.
Normally, the files could be swapped with other textures you like too
(just use same name)

keep file structure in archive; contained texture folder and .esp needs to go into skyrim/data
Download 'cute frekles' from "some frekles", rename that replacer texture to femaleheaddetail_frekles04 and place into \\textures\actors\character\female
(there is a placeholderfile at the correct place; you can delete it)

Texture paths and names have been changed. You may just delete the old mod and load Version 1.0. You probably need to
apply the new frekles again, if you used them on your character.
Warpaint is unchanged.
With TES5Edit I found a faster method to edit than wit the creation kit. So I finally was able to bring my mod to a more complete status. But I'm still too lazy to add more frekles...
Btw, last time I forgot to credit one author, I will catch up now.
I remade the textures, so there is no dependency on dreamburrows anymore.

A complementing Mod: As long as I dont see better things, I recommend: TDN Bosmer Skull Headdresses

Important - modder ressources were used, credits go to them. Thanks for exellent work and idea: See credits
narphous/zhoken - cute frekles replacer
tktk1 - enhanced character edit
dreamburrow - dreamburrow's freckle tint (concept)
Stije - low dirt for presets (concept)

Hope I didn't forgot anything. Sorry if description is not detailed enough.
Ask questions in posts, but dont expect a fast response...I try to
actually play skyrim good as I can.

If someone has eligible reasons against this upload, please contact me.
You found bugs within this mod? - please contact me too