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Remo\'s Display Spells A collection of spells for making your player house a home!

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Tired of spending hours setting up displays in your house just for everything to end up on the floor every time you walk past?
Want to display the goodies you collect throughout the game but just can't get them to sit right?

Well, no more!!!
I present to you - Remo's Display Spells.

A collection of spells aimed specifically at making your house a home.
Display what you want, where you want!

Over time I will be adding more spells for you to get your home looking just right!
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Available Spells


Available Spells:

Remo's Potions Displays
Two spells for setting out potions on any surface you want!

More to come soon!



Remo's Potions Displays

This mod adds 2 new spells:
Remo's Potion Cluster: Displays up to 5 potions
Remo's Potion Shelf: Displays up to 11 potions

Both Spell-Tomes can be bought from Belathor's shop in Whiterun (at an extortionate mark-up!!).

Both spells allow you to cast a phantom display on any surface, once activated the game will open a bookshelf-type interface in which you can place potions for display.
For perfect placement aim about 3 inches to the right of where you want the display to be centered (the game-engine's aim is well off!!).
If the display is at an odd angle position yourself directly in front of the display in the direction you wish it to face, crouch, and activate the display, this will turn the display to face you, you can do this as many times as you like.
If the display is not centered as precisely as you'd like simply activate the display and exit without adding any potions then activate again and it will disappear.
Once your display is in the desired position, activate it and add the potions you wish displayed (after adding each potion it will then be returned to you and you will be notified how many more can be added) then when you have added your potions exit the interface and re-activate the display, your potions will be removed from your inventory and placed in position and fixed and the phantom display will disappear, no more will potions end up on the floor just because you walked past a bit too close! They connot be knocked, kicked, bashed or blasted!!
You do not have to completely fill the display if you do not wish!
You can only add 1 of each type of potion, if you add more than 1 the spell will ignore the duplicates and you will end up with less potions being displayed!
If you place the spell badly and any of the phantom potions are outside a wall/inside furniture such as a cupboard etc, the potions will be placed in areas that you cannot reach and therefore probably lost!!!

berticus0001 ;-)