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  1. isoku
    • supporter
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    Special Edition is now available here.
  2. Enderwave22
    • member
    • 16 posts
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    Ew, Gross... I love it!
  3. dodgeboy121
    • supporter
    • 84 posts
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    cant install the two fire file without getting purple boxes ... its installed as you described... can not get it installed properly mod works without it though
    1. HawkeChavanne
      • member
      • 224 posts
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      same. cant find a fix
  4. aviApollyonx
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    Hey do i have to install this mod manually or can I use nmm
  5. MrFoxly
    • member
    • 7 posts
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    Sorry to break the news, but I'm using 1.6.1 and the game still freezes.

    I'm going to drop to medium quality. See if that sorts it out. But since you're trying to fix the issue, I figured I should let you know.
  6. ginosalieri
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    Endorse this mod god work
  7. PornHubPremium
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    There are no changes
    This mod doesn't work :(
  8. DeadShot3331
    • member
    • 22 posts
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    Okay why do the impacts only show on very certain surfaces???????? Like in Solitude they appear on certain floors and walls and whatever but completely disappear when cast on other ones. The spells were working absolutely fine up until today.

    I just installed Immersive Creatures and the high level enemy patch for it, could this be causing the issue?

    If someone could help me out with this I would be extremely grateful
    1. KainThePheonix
      • premium
      • 2,944 posts
      • 37 kudos
      It is likely your computer running out of memory. Long playtimes can do this with this mod as I experienced this too when I first started using it. Just restart your computer. You might also try simply using this for textures and do not plug the ESP in. You can use the spell impacts as loose files if you set this up through Mod Organizer 1 or 2.
  9. michael91307
    • member
    • 53 posts
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    TESV: Skyrim: God Amongst All Edition 11/23/2018 has just been released. Thank you for your amazing mod that contributed greatly to making this mod collection what it is today. Newly included in this collection are the Unofficial Skyrim Patches making this game run as stable and smooth as Skyrim Special Edition. Thank you again for your amazing addition to the collection. Check it out at Your one arrow to the knee that's left, Timesplitter.
  10. CenturyChild85
    • premium
    • 106 posts
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    Something weird is happening: fire decal textures are missing all of a sudden, the ground is covered by purple squares D:
    I tried to reinstall the mod via MO and manually, but nothing happens. MO gives me these errors while reinstalling:

    failed to extract 00 Data - Required\textures\impactdecals\ to textures\impactdecals\ textures\impactdecals not found in archive
    failed to extract 00 Data - Required\textures\impactdecals\ to textures\impactdecals\ textures\impactdecals not found in archive
    failed to extract 00 Data - Required\textures\impactdecals\ to textures\impactdecals\ textures\impactdecals not found in archive

    Does anyone knows how to fix this? D:
    1. Magicmute
      • member
      • 1,020 posts
      • 5 kudos
      Same issue, well kind of ..
      I DO have a textures/impactdecals directory, but I don't see the flamespread textures in it, only flameburn.

      My Frost and missile based Fire spells look OK, but the flames spell leaves purple squares! .. I have purple squares on my wall!

      I did a custom install with MO and the " - Two fire.esp" is UNDER the default .esp.

      Can anyone help, or confirm this issue !?
    2. arahat
      • member
      • 322 posts
      • 16 kudos
      I had the same anomaly after using Mod Organizer to install. I assume this isn't an issue with NMM.

      The solution is is make a copy of all of the 3 decalflameburn01 textures, and rename the burn to spread. I wish everything was so easy to fix, but only because of the Mod Oraganizer error messgaes.
    3. DogSoldier74
      • member
      • 2 posts
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      This is still an issue with NMM, no textures for any of the elements, and when removed would no longer load game.
    4. Daemonjax
      • supporter
      • 919 posts
      • 62 kudos
      The problem is that the installer only copies the two fire esp but not the texture files for it.

      There are two sets of textures for flame impacts -- one in the main folder and another set in the folder named 10 - fire cracks.

      Choose one set to be the decalflameburn and another to be decalflamespread and put them in the same folder. I guess one of the lightning options would look ok too, so that's 3 choices. You could also use the textures from Realistic Magical Impacts, so that's 4 choices.
    5. LordChiris
      • member
      • 15 posts
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      I folowed arahat´s instructions and its worked perfectly to me :)
  11. TacticianLyra
    • member
    • 470 posts
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    The Two Fire option is broken and the customization-instructions document only says "thanks".
    If that's supposed to be a joke, it's a terrible one.