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You may freely re-upload this mod, but you must leave all the files within the archive intact. You may freely modify my files for your personal use, but you MUST obtain my permission before releasing your work to the public. I still would like to ensure that all derivative works maintain a certain level of quality standard.


This mod adds 6 pairs of sunglasses to Skyrim. Each pair is environmentally mapped to best emulate the glass effect under various lighting conditions.

This mod is not lore-friendly, though that's merely stating the obvious...

Additionally, the head mesh I used to model the sunglasses is based on the UNP body, though this should work for CBBE body since the 2 body mods share almost identical head meshes.

I have also included the same mesh for the male model. However, since I do not play nor have a male character, it is impossible for me to test the male version of the sunglasses, though I suspect clipping will most likely occur.


Download, check the mod, enjoy.

Download, unpack, place "Elewin Sunglasses.esp" and "Elewin Sunglasses.bsa" inside your "Skyrim\Data" folder, check "Elewin Sunglasses.esp" in launcher, enjoy.


In a chest at the entrance of Whiterun. I picked the biggest chest I can find, you won't miss it.

(See attached image for more details)


Simply remove:

Elewin Sunglasses.esp
Elewin Sunglasses.bsa

From your "Skyrim\Data" folder.



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