Supersonic Bow with ridiculous exploding arrows by Me
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Added: 30/12/2012 - 11:37AM
Updated: 11/06/2014 - 01:54PM

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Well since im have nothing better to do i decided to make mods for skyrim, but first to update this one.
This mod is just for fun. Remember that.

Game changes:
Doombringer Bow - obtainable only through console using <<player.additem 2F001827 1>> (use "help doom 0" to find a code if its not working)
it has ridiculous dmg, shock effect, ultra speed and ultra fast reload. Can be use with other arrows as well (but its no fun, duh), also only player can use it

<Boom Boom arrows> now has supersonic speed, ignores gravity and explode on impact. Can only be obtained via console using <<player.additem 2F001829 #>> (use "help boom 0" to find a conde if its not working)
# - quantity you want

----------Now some changes from old version: -----------
- arrows are now for player only BUT, some guards still manage to get them (no idea why)
- bow no longer shoots 5 arrows at once
- Boom arrows can be used with ANY bow you got but if in low dmg mode they wont insta-kill
- NordHero arrows are no longer modded and remain unchanged
- Daedric Bow is no longer modded and remain unchanged
- firebolt explosion was replaced so firebolt wont work as Boom arrows
- blood splatter appears after you launch someone in space

- LOW DMG - arrows have low dmg but still huge force, can be used with normal bow just to knoch down everything, if you want to get instakill and sonic speed, no gravity and such stuff you have to use Doombringer Bow.
Also in low dmg you are NOT affected by impact force. Which means that even if someone manage to get those arrows they wont kill you or even ragdoll you. Also you can shoot under you feet and nothing happens.

- HIGH DMG - not recommended! - arrows can be used with ANY bow and have huge dmg, if someone has the same arrows, he will kill you instantly. (Not sure whats the point of this one but whatever).

- mod was tested on the latest version of Skyrim, if you have any mods that affect daedric bow or nord hero arrows it may not work properly (but it can since all items are no longer modded originals, but separated items)

Please inform me about anything such as bugs or stuff like that.

Put esp file into your Skyrim/Data folder and add it in Nexus Mod manager. Use console to obtain bow and arrows.