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This mod adds new types of skeletons Argonian ,Khajiit , Orc , Elf ...

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This mod adds new types of skeletons Argonian Khajiit Orc and Elf ...

The Inspiration comes from Lizard Skull and Cat skull , since it looks strange to have many Races around in Tamriel but just human skeleton types I tought it was needed to add also some races , I tought also to add orc and Elven variations but that may come later .....

You will find them in a small group either at Yngol barrows , Doomstone of tundra and near the Pale pass close to Southfringe Sanctum .
Orc Skeletos can be found near the Mor Khazgur Stronghold .

if you go to Doomstone in the tundra ( find it out where it is ) , you will defeat the local necromancer and retrieve a spelltome of Conjure skeleton ... now according to the player race you will be able to summon a skeleton that will reflect the same race of the player ...

This is intended also as a modder's resource

The skeletons are used in the Issgard mod so for future compatibility it would be better to preserve it's structure .

Compatibility and bugs:

No bugs

Compatible with everythingn


Updated the tails of the Khajiit to look like normal cat tails rather than lizard tails

Update 3.0

Added Orc Skeleton race and relative clutters...
Updated folder path structure
Added all clutter objects .

Update 3.1

Reduced texture size

Update 3.2

Scattered around some easter egg composed beastskeletons , some encounters , placed some leveled ones in some dungeons and some other conjurers around in proper places , all fitting to lore and I have not placed beastskeletons in purely nordic ruins or the like ... a partiallist of the places is present in the readme if you are curious ...

Update 4 ( file named 3.3 )

Update all clutter objects , several polished version , fix minor issues of skeleton nifs by Ttl and some esp file cleaning ...

Update 4.1 ( esp only )

Minor Typos fixes in the CK codenaming ...

Update 5

Added Elf Race

Update 5.1

Added fixed clutters for elves, minor tweack fixes for other clutters and esp expansion for spell to vampire and elder races ...


A gigantic credit goes to ttl for it's invaluable work on the niftools for solving several nif issues due to the broken 3dsmax exporter.
lifestorock for reducing the size of the textures .