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This MOD adds some hairstyles to playable presets of vanilla.

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[size=+1]Announcements [/size]
Starting with version 6, this MOD become the only edition that adjusted reduce the shine.
BSA edition seemed not work well, so I removed it. Sorry. x(
Instead of that, I added ESM edition.
If you want to apply these styles to the NPC, try the ESM edition.
[size=+1]Description [/size]
This MOD adds some hairstyles to playable presets of vanilla.
The range to be applied is same as vanilla Nord hair.

BDMods has made an amazing video. Thanks! ;D

The version of this MOD means a number of kind of styles.
Currently there are 8 styles.
4 for the male
4 for the female
I just simply changed the shape of the vanilla hair meshes.
So, the data size is same as vanilla ones.
I think it's slightly lore-friendly and substantially low-spec-friendly. ;)

[size=+1]Required [/size]
This MOD is not depend on any other MODs.
If you have been using the MOD replace the vanilla hairstyle in the past, there may be the possibility of conflict.
I recommend NMM-install/unistall.
If manually:
- extract RAR file [VHVP***.rar]
- Overwrites the [VHVP***\Data] to [Skyrim\Data].
- Click on the 'Data Files' of Skyrim Launcher and enable [VHVP.esp].
If manually:
- Disable ESP with Skyrim Launcher.
- Delete the folders and files below.
Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets\hair\female\VHVP_***
Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets\hair\male\VHVP_***
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
[size=+1]About permission[/size]
Please feel free to use data that is included in my MOD.
My permission is not necessary.

My other MOD
AngeLydia -Lydia is reborn-
Lovely Jessica - Standalone -

[size=+1]I hope your Skyrim-life will be more fun! ;D[/size]