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Like or hate the daylight? This mod will increase the duration of your days or nights in Skyrim. Dawnguard and non-Dawnguard versions available.

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This mod will increase the duration of days or nights in Skyrim by 4 hours. 2 hours are added/subtracted from both dusk and dawn. Install either Longer Days or Longer Nights.

Note that vampire sun damage has been updated to reflect the changes.

Don't hesitate to give feedback.

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If you use Climates of Tamriel install the compatible versions of Longer Days or Longer nights in the Optional files section instead. Load the Longer Days or Nights esp after Climates of Tamriel.


Let me know if there's already a mod like this on The Nexus, I made this because I couldn't find one. There's a similar mod on Steam Workshop but it doesn't seem to be on The Nexus.

Change Log

1.1 Changed Longer Nights to no longer depend on Dawnguard and then added Dawnguard version.