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Last updated at 3:59, 9 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 12:40, 21 Dec 2012

Welcome to the SKYRIM Quest Deleter tool

This tool is designed to remove all specific Quests from your save file in a click of a button

UPDATE: DLC + PLUGIN Quests AND INFO's are now 100% supported :D:D:D:D:D:D


All you need to do is find your corresponding "IDs" and TADA!!!!!! ready to be deleted.

find your quest here:

the tool will find the quest and remove the locks that stop it from being deleted.
You may even need to remove INFO's (INFO's are conversations you had while playing in SKYRIM :D)

then its as simple as loading your game and using the console command "setstage" to clear it from the journal :D

Remember to backup your save file before using the tool. While every effort has been made to ensure that the job completes successfully, i still cant help but think we are all Human ;)

How to use the tool:
Remember a backup is always necessary ^_^

1. load up your save game of SKYRIM

2. open the console using the ~ key on your keyboard

3. type in the following
save mysave 1

4. wait a few minutes while the dump is generating the "mysave.ess.txt" AND "mysave.ess"

5. load up SKYRIM QUST Deleter

6. Search for QUST name and INFO Reference on UESP.NET
Use the search box to find your quest
-you can put the journal entry (eg. Find ice wraith teeth)
-the NPC that gave you the quest
-the name of the quest in the journal
-use the search box like you would use :D

7. If there is a fix for your quest on UESP.NET, try the recommended fix before attempting to use the tool ^_^

8. Scroll to the bottom of the found page where You can see Quest stages
this is what you are looking for:
eg. Quest Name: Ice Cold
eg. Quest Reference FreeformRiften07

9. SKYRIM QUST dleter: click on display all QUST's and INFO's
this will generate a text file based on your dump file

10. Search for your quest name to get its QUST ID
Ice cold = 0005331A
Search for your quest references to get its INFO ID
FreeformRiften07= 000E82B5

11. Import these numbers (exactly how they are, no spaces!!!) in the SKYRIM QUST deleter tool.
"you must do this one by one"

12. Once you have imported, found and deleted/reset your IDS, Load your fixed Save file in SKYRIM again

13. Now you may use the setstage command in the console to remove the quest from your Journal
eg. setstage FreeformRiften07 10
setstage FreeformRiften07 20
setstage FreeformRiften07 200

14. Play ^_^

If you have suggestions for improvements or if you have found a bug, email seifer69er
[email protected]

Prerequist software for windows
1. download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
2. download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)

Note: the tool is in english, but works on all language save files ^_^

If you are happy with this release, please support the devs to continue their work in the scene.
Remember to include your thumbs up on this release ^_^

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