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You can choose between the Ultra, Medium and Low Resolution version of the mod. This mod changes all fire effects in the land of Skyrim (fire spells, campfires, braziers, torches, dragonfire, some smoke effects etc.)

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Since I started modding the first time ever with my 'Ultimate HD Torch' mod, I am infected! After retexturing the fire effects of the torch, I thought it would be nice to have better fire textures for the whole game. So here is the next step getting better fire textures in Skyrim:
The Ultimate HD Fire Effects!

If you recognize a "missing texture", bugs or you simply have suggested improvements feel free to contact me or just leave a message in the comments!

  • Built the whole mod from scratch including 23 textures & 5 meshes!
  • Improved smoke for fires caused by magic spells (replacing the ugly vanilla smoke loop!)
  • Increased the resolution up to 4K-8K, depending on the vanilla texture resolution.
  • The new files include improved textures for sparks!
  • Deleted because it didn't make sense to scale it up!
  • Built the candle flame with a real photo for a more realistic and sharper look (512x512px).
  • Low and Medium Resolution files uploaded (rescaled textures based on the Ultra Version)
  • Deleted the SMIM compatible patch. You don't need it anymore. Simply install the actual SMIM version and overwrite conflicting files.

  • Edited the three included meshes for compatibility with "Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB" by mindflux which you can get here!
  • Added optional 'SMIM 1.38' compatible campfire meshes! Thanks to Brumbek!
  • Updated the low-res package for v1.81

  • Fixed the pixelated campfires and, for example, the main fire in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun by retexturing into an extra file (reduced the framecount/pictures of the loop for higher resolution)!
  • Added two edited campfire meshes to get the retextured working properly!
  • Updated the low-res package for v1.8

  • Retextured for a much better look (texture is also used for frost spells!)
  • Retextured & added completely new for greatly improved body fires!
  • Updated the low-res package for v1.7

  • Reworked the whole project again, using different textures for some effects.
  • Alpha Channels have been adjusted for some texture files.
  • Added a low-res version of the mod. Only use it, if you have a very old improves the vanilla game, but compared to the hi-res version it doesn't look good at all!
  • To fix the flickering issue of the old versions I used edited .nif files to do a workaround. The fires didn't flicker anymore but the burning animation looked bad compared to the actual version. The old meshes made the fire effects look kind of stuttering/not very fluently burning. So I did the complete rework of the textures. The mod doesn't need the old .nif files anymore and looks great!

Thanks and kudos to Brodual for presenting this video on youtube!!

Simply unzip the Main Files or Optional Files into your Data Folder.

If you are updating from a previous version please delete the following meshes:



Delete the following files from...





Here is a list of my Project ENB & CoT settings, just for those, who want real looking fires instead of oversaturated high contrast fires!


  • If you use 'Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB' install it first and then install my mod overwriting all conflicting files.
  • Some users reported a problem concerning thin black lines around the fire effects (fire magic, campfires etc.). It is a problem from the vanilla game and there is nothing I can do about it. You have to change Anti Aliasing to 4x or less to fix it or switch to Sweet FX and use SMAA instead.
  • If you have orange/red fires which seem to be oversaturated make sure you didn't change gradients files in the /data/textures/effects/gradients folder. Only use vanilla gradients with this mod for best visual fire experience! Some mods change the gradients which are responsible for the color palette of effects, and make them much more saturated.



Climates of Tamriel
Project ENB
Better embers
SMIM - Static Mesh Improvement Mod
New Animation for Magic Casting
Deadly Spell Impacts
Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB
Smoking torches

I highly recommend the use of Project ENB, which is the best looking ENB on the Nexus in my opinion.

  • My special thanks go to 'Obsidian Dawn', the artist who made the brush sets I downloaded for creating the new Fire Rune style! Thank you very much for these superb brushes!!!
  • Thanks to Brumbek for allowing me to edit his campfire meshes for doing a SMIM compatible mesh version!
  • Thanks to mindflux, the creator of 'Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB' for his great work!