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Simple and decent Whiterun recoloration of buildings. Mostly wood and some metal parts. Gives Whiterun a warmer, more cultivated look, without being too fancy.

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Mod Name: TheWinterhawks Decently Recolored Whiterun
Author: TheWinterhawk
Version: 1.0
Release Date: December 19th, 2012


Thanks a lot to BDMods for making a video for comparison! It's much appreciated! =)



This is a decent recoloration of the Whiterun building textures, which I made for myself. The washed out wood and cyan colors were never much to my taste, but I also didn't want to find myself in Teletubby land. ;)
That's why I made a decent recoloration to my needs with quite some effect. Whiterun looks warmer and more cultivated now, without Dovahkiin jumping into a flash color dream land. And since I always share what I do for myself, you are lucky and can enjoy the new Whiterun as well... if you wish. =)

To make it clear, because there were obscurities about it: This mod is a vanilla texture replacer, not a standalone version. It will replace some of the vanilla Whiterun textures, but no custom path textures! If you have a custom standalone building mod of Whiterun the textures will very likely NOT show up! I hope this makes it clearer for you. ;)



This is a pure texture mod, so it shouldn't give you any trouble. But if you already have other Whiterun retextures, it MIGHT be, that they get overwritten. Better copy your textures before you install and then change what you like, or compare the texture names before installing. My retexture touches Whiterun buildings only, so no ground textures or stone wall textures are recolored. All just wood and a few metal parts. If you have questions, don't hestitate to ask. ;)

The files in question are all in the Data\textures\architecture\whiterun folder. Not all files from this folder have been recolored, though.



Simply put the extracted texture folder in your Skyrim\Data folder. You're done!

To de-Install you have to get out the .dds files from the textures\architecture\whiterun folder. If you have other whiterun retexture mods, that share this folder, you have to pick out the single files. Best, if you make a copy in case you have to deinstall, while using a second Whiterun texture mod. ;)

Tip: If you simply delete all files from that folder and have another mod, that shares this folder, you can simply reinstall the files for the other mod, after deleting all files. That saves you some time, instead of picking out single files. ;)



All textures in this mod are recolored vanilla textures.

You can use the textures freely for your Skyrim mods, please credit me, though, if you use and publish any of my retextures. Thank you! =)


Have fun and merry Christmas everyone! =)


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