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Predator ROAR!!!

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This mod will not be updated.
Problems with the xwma sound converter program on my new computer have left me frustrated with no desire to work further on this mod as of this time.


This little mod was born of my need for my predator to roar when he shouted.
Are you rocking the Predator Lost Tribes mod? If you are, you need this. If not, CHECK IT OUT! If you do, this is lore friendly.
Predator Lost Tribes
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This Predator shouts and sounds mod is independent and stand alone. You only need Skyrim to play.

[what it does]

This mod adds and replaces tons of sounds in the game making it perfect for Predator fans. With this mod your character will roar when leveling up or occasionally click when someone draws their weapon on you. Questing gets better in the sense that when you begin\update\finish a quest, you will make various yautja sounds instead of standing there with a stupid look an your face. Some powers have sound effects that add to the whole feeling of roland113's mod, I think. I couldn't list all the subtle sound effects. Give it a little play time. You won't be disappointed.

If you have any advice\critisism\requests, toss 'em in the comments. If I can do it, I will.
If you like this mod or think it sucks, tell me.

[change log]

If you are upgrading to v3 = Just uninstall and install v3 instead. No clean save necessary.

Fixed folder issue where the fx folder was missing. Works great now.

Fixed an oversight with Quest update sound fx. Now you will respond in Predator instead of just standing there like a stupid s**t.

Added support for powers like nighteye and detect life.
Added more sounds when doing stuff. More clicks and grunts in and out of menu.
Added replacements for Quest related sounds.
Roar when you level up!

[Useful info.]

Opening the Skyrim.ini file with notepad/wordpad in Documents/My Games/Skyrim and adding the line bDisableGearedUp=0 under [General] will show weapons that are favorited on your character exactly the same way ATTT does and works for all weapons, even ones added by mods.

This is perfect for more than Predator. Wear the gear you use. Wristblades are considered daggers and take up that slot. See screenshots.


Stan Winston
Screaming Mad George
Nexus forums
roland113 (his mod made this needed)