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I'm just some idiot whom likes to get really into stupid stuff. I work and play when I'm not gaming. If you ever want to talk Predator, I'm your man. I do a lot of projects concerning Predator. Other than that I like to fumble with modding software like a palsey with a pipe wrench doing brain surgery.

I mod because I think it's fun to learn how. Getting ready for Fallout 4. Stuff I think is cool I post. I download enough to feel obligated in a way. 

ALL the content in my mods is free for all to use without notice or credit. I encourage it, in fact. Just post it to the Nexus so I can play too, please.

Some of my favorite mods


useful info

You can easily set Nifskope to look for textures in your .bsa file if you only see gray blobs.

Open Nifskope

Click File

Click Resource Files

Untick Automatic Selection

Click Add

Direct to your texture.bsa

That's it. You will have textures next time you open a mesh in Nifskope

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