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A comfortable home for players of all types, located in Winterhold.

Permissions and credits
MrBiggen's review for this mod is linked in the videos section of the mod, and can be found at:

NOTICE: Version 4 now requires all official DLC and General Stores.

I did a great deal of modding for Morrowind, but this is my first for Skyrim. If I have a trademark, I'd claim that it was using vanilla objects in new and interesting ways. A good example is the crystal ball by the alchemical laboratory. We all recognize the ball itself, but the stand it rests on? It's an upside-down, and resized silver goblet. The house itself is a combination of Whiterun, Windhelm, Solitude and Dwemer architecture.

I have a fairly developed sense of asthetics for player homes. Most homes I've seen don't meet my desires, so I made my own.

1. It has to FEEL comfortable and usable.
2. It has to be easy to navigate, even when you have a lot of followers.
3. It can't be too big. It's not fun spending half an hour running from one end to the other.
4. It can't be too small. It has to have room to fit everything, and see #2.
5. It needs to be visually appealing, which for me includes a lot of symetry.
6. It needs to have basic functionality (crafting, cooking, bed, etc).
7. It has to have some display functionality, but not "too much".

The Grey Haven is a home which meets the above standards. I've play-tested it with several characters and am happy with the end product.

The home contains 6 cells. All have idle points added, so when you release followers to their own devices (or use AFT), there's plenty for them to do. Your family, likewise, won't get bored.

KITCHEN/LOUNGE: with 4 bookshelves, General Stores containers, dynamic displays for Thieves' Guild items and Bug Jars, Teleportation points to major cities using the large Map.
CRAFTING AREA: with General Stores containers, 2 mannequins, forge, anvil, workbench, sharpening wheel, tanning rack, alchemical and enchanting stations, special Spell Crafting station and labelled storage for materials, displays for Dragon Priest masks and Dragon Claws (note Golden Claw display is linked to the quest, rather than the item... so a non-thief can complete the display).
GREAT HALL: with 8 mannequins, 8 dagger racks, 4 glass-topped weapon cases, 2 bookshelves, 16 upright weapon racks, 1 cross-weapon/shield rack, 18 shield racks, and labelled storage for weapons and armor, dynamic displays for Daedric Artifacts and unique items (most of these are linked to quest completion, so you can still use the artifact and have a complete display).
HALLWAY: with 4 mannequins and 5 cross-weapon/shield racks

18 mini-mannequins
General Stores containers
Several single-shelf bookshelves
1 cross-weapon/shield rack

Beds for six children
Plenty of idle points
Small kitchen
The static decorations move around as time passes, giving the impression of an inhabited environment.

6 Hearthfires planters
A small farm to produce potatoes, carrots, leeks, cabbages and garlic
Livestock pens that generate rabbits, chickens and eggs
A small pond that produces salmon, clams and salt

Beds for eight followers
Plenty of idle points
General Stores containers

Swimming pool
Large aquariums
General Stores Containers for food and clothing
Plenty of follower idle points

Special Bonus:
If you have all four items from the Missing Apprentices, you can craft (at the Spell Book craft station) a diploma of Journeymanship from the Mages' College. This is actually a spell tome that teaches you a spell that increases your mana income.

This mod requires the following mod:
OpenBooks Resourse:
General Stores:

I recommend using the following mods:
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions:
Unlimited Bookshelves:
Spouses Can Live Everywhere:
Amazing Follower Tweaks:
Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix:

Known Issues:
-I ran into an issue with SkyrimRedone, where some weapons didn't want to stay in weapon racks, or became inaccessible after they were placed in the rack.
-A couple weapons added by external sources don't want to stay in the weapon racks.
-Sometimes the fish swim through objects in their aquarium.

Wandering Mannequins:
I've updated the cell navmeshes to place a tiny triangle under the feet of each manikin. This seems to keep the manikins from wandering.

Thanks to Blary, who created the Open Books resource that is listed as required for this mod.
Thanks to Mujuro, who helped me with getting the house nav-meshed for followers.
Thanks to Rayek, who helped me with a few of my original questions transfering my Morrowind modding experience to Skyrim.
Thanks to Eldiabs, whose Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins mod helped me a great deal. It can be found at