Dovahkiins Respite by Konrann
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Dovahkiin's Respite is a small home on the edge of a river, built into Nordic ruins. It is located directly below the set of waterfalls that surround Darkwater Pass, just off the beaten path. It has a map marker so you can fast travel to it later.

I've enjoyed downloading player home mods before, but often they're too huge or don't seem to fit into the game quite right. This is my answer to that problem, which I created for myself and decided to upload in case others were interested. This mod should work with plain old vanilla Skyrim, and adds no new files aside from the .esp itself.

It is only three rooms, but includes:
- Double Bed
- Cooking Pot
- Alchemy Table
- Enchanting Table
- 12 Slot Weapon Rack
- Workbench
- Anvil
- Grindstone
- Lots of Storage (No Respawn)

Some items that could normally be looted have been changed to static items so they stay part of the permanent decor. There are no valuables added so that overall gameplay is not affected.

This is my first mod I've ever uploaded, so let me know if anything is acting funky and I'll fix it ASAP! (But don't worry, this isn't the first mod I've ever created, so you're not walking into a train wreck here.)


Update: I remembered to add the Navmesh, so now your companions can hang out there too.