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  1. LordVanWynter
    • member
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    Could someone try port it to special edition?
  2. maxofthenorth
    • supporter
    • 41 posts
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    to any that cant get this to show up in game it is another mod adding a loose file to meshes that stuffs it just go to the weapons file and delete the imperial mesh that fixes it 100% of the time had to do this a few times due to mods adding imperial stuff thought i would try this and it works like a dream
  3. User_23213564
    • account closed
    • 6 posts
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    My gues would be that this is a roman spatha sword
  4. AbyzzWarrior
    • member
    • 14 posts
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    Ah... The traditional roman-like sword. I've always prefered this variant over the gladius one. Not that I have anything against gladius swords, but this is just gorgeous.
    1. AfroGamerNinja
      • supporter
      • 3,213 posts
      • 14 kudos
      ...the gladius IS the roman sword.
  5. Polscorp
    • member
    • 49 posts
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    I saw the same one, but in JAYsus sword collection... It replaces the imperials sword, too.
  6. lokvirofskyrim
    • member
    • 85 posts
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    Doesn't work anymore.
  7. centurion47
    • member
    • 96 posts
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    could you please make a standalone vision?··thanks
  8. Waffenbaum
    • member
    • 655 posts
    • 18 kudos
    Can't get it to replace the Imperial sword for some reason, despite placing it last in the load order in case I have a mod on that changes the original sword in some way.
    1. Wonderfish10
      • member
      • 1 posts
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      I'm getting the same problem. Putting it last in my load order doesn't replace the original.

      Are you by any chance using Dual Sheath Redux or Better Shaped Weapons? I think BSW may be conflicting but I can't but sure. Gonna uninstall and check maybe. Those are the only mods that deal with vanilla weapons that I'm using so the only ones I think would be causing issues.

      EDIT: Okay, so it is definitely Better Shaped Weapons that was conflicting. What I did was uninstall BSW and then reinstall it with custom settings and I selected all the weapons except for the imperial ones. That way, it didn't replace the imperial sword with the BSW version, and instead this mod will replace it.

      The only issue I have now is that this weapon was meant for a belt placement, and I use sword on the back, so when it's on my character's back, it shows the chain sticking up still as if it were on the waist. Not sure if I can get just a single sword to be on the waist and all the rest on the back, but I can at least use this mods retexture now.

      Mod author should know about this and note it somewhere so people can use BSW and this, and a patch or something without the belt chain would be amazing, but at least it works fine now.

      EDIT: Wow I need to check the dates on posts before responding.
    2. AndyJP
      • supporter
      • 424 posts
      • 3 kudos
      Strangely I'm having the exact same problem with Better Shaped Weapons and this replacer, and I followed your instructions and it still isn't showing up. :\
  9. Cliven
    • member
    • 996 posts
    • 8 kudos
    Planning on just using the files w/no ESP. Will use vanilla's spade-with-flair w/VI's better tex's for another sword, for higher ranks.

    As the foot soldier's main tool: outstanding, man. The Imperial credo on it is PRICELESS and brilliant.

    Will endorse soonest.
  10. zulu9812
    • premium
    • 312 posts
    • 18 kudos
    This looks so much better than that weird Bethesda, spade-like thing. Just one quibble: if it's only a mesh and texture re-placer, with no stats change, why does it have an ESP? The reason that I ask is that I'm at my 255 mod limit and I'd love to use it, but for that extra ESP file.