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Fixes the missing armbands of the Ancient Nord Armor in first person.

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There is a serious corruption of data with the mesh 1stpersondraugrarmormale_0 in which the arm bands of the armor simply do not render in game if you play a male with any body weight other than maximum.

It is probably a UV or skin issue, but the ONLY way I could fix it was to copy and paste the armband mesh from the functional 1stpersondraugrarmormale_1 mesh (the one that governs a body set to maximum weight).With Nifskope in its current state, it is impossible to resize or move the armbands (again the data is corrupted immediately upon doing this).

As a result, you can see that the armbands are a little large in first person on the skinny arm, but this is the best I can do. I'd much rather play with this than a missing section of arm and I hope you all agree!

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