Swamp house of the witch by Horinf
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There is an abandoned house on a small isle, surrounded by cold and unfriendly marsh. The witch had left, but the signs and traces of her still mark this place.
The house will fit hermit and witch-type characters, who look for an isolate and grim place to rest and meditate.

The house circles around the theme of haunted and ominous dwelling of the witch.It is surrounded by twisted grim trees and noxious plants. There are several graves nearby. At night the mist raises and mysterious creatures appear. The lighting inside the house depends on the main time of day.
The house interior fits the exterior.
Pumpkins can be switched off.
There are altars in the basement, granting blessing and some nature-themed spells. Enchater is located there too.
The tower is alchemy compartment with the lab and containers.
You can find tanning rack and anvil near the house wall outside.
There is sharpening stone near the utility hut. The mannequin and workbench are inside that hut.

Skyrim (latest patch).

Any structural or lanscape changes around the house location.