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Adds Battle Claws to the World of Skyrim

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A Battle Claw is a type of hand worn weapon that has appearance
the same as wolverine's claws. This is a mod that adds 12 Battle Claws
that functions as a glove/gauntlet which can be crafted at any forge.
These claws has armor rating and unarmed damage as well. There are
2 designs that has 3 types which are Dragonbone, Daedric and Ebony
with 2 weight class, Heavy and Light.

These 2 designs are the Claw & the Claw-Sword. So, how are they
different? the Claw uses the original design where both hands have
claws while the Claw-Sword has claws on one hand and a sword on
the other.

These 3 types are the Dragonbone, Daedric and Ebony. The one with
the highest rating is the Dragonbone type and it is also the easiest to
craft. The Daedric and Ebony has better looks but is harder to craft.

These claws comes in two weight classes, Heavy and Light. Not all people
plays using heavy armor and the same the other way around, which makes
these feature useful.

Let's now talk about this Mod's Requirements

This mod was made using Creation Kit for Skyrim version 1.6,
you need to have Skyrim 1.6 or higher for Mod Compatibility.
The next thing needed is Dawnguard DLC since some of the
meshes & textures came officially from the DLC.

Let's now talk on how you can install this mod

You can download and install it using MO (Mod Organizer) or
NMM (Nexus Mod Manager), unless you are knowledgeable enough
to install and uninstall it manually.


Bethesda - Skyrim, Dawnguard & The Creation Kit