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This mod improves and balances the power and attribute of Artifacts and unique items lorefiriendly. I regulated these 70% or more, but I\'m making much of compatibility. This mod is compatible with many other mods that change unique items. For example,\"Open Dragon Priest Masks\",\"ACE-Combat Skills\",\"Way Of The Sword\",\"Insanitys Pale Blade\"

Permissions and credits
I'm not good at English. I'm sorry but You may be hard to read my sentence.

This mod improves and balances the power and attributes of skyrim's artifacts and unique items lore friendly.
There are some mods similar to it in Nexus, but some of them make the artifacts too strong, and many of them are imcompatible with many other mods that I like. For example,
'Open Dragon Priest Masks' , 'ACE - Combat Skills', 'Insanitys Pale Blade', 'Way Of The Sword'.
So I made this mod making much of compatibility.
This mod regulates 70% or more of Unique items, But is compatible with their mod.

I wanted to strengthen Unique items, but I didn't want to strengthen them by simply increasing weapon damage or armor rating, because they are not Strong Items but also Unique Items.

So I added some new enchantment, and added them to some Unique items lore friendly.
For example,
Chillrend: Added the enchantment 'Weakness to Frost'
It is the enchantment of chillrend in TES4 Oblivion.
Mehrunes' Razor: Added the enchantment 'Weaken Armor'
I was inspired by the enchantment of Mehrunes' Razor 'Disintegrate Armor' in TES3 Morrowind

Modular version
In Modular version, each ESP of Normal version is divided into 2 or 3. And you can choose what type of items you want to change.(for example Weapon and/or Armor and/or White phial)
ESP for Vanilla is divided into 3 : Weapon, Armor, White phial
ESP for Dawnguard is divided into 3 : Armor, Weapon, Weapon(for ACE Combat Skills)
ESP for Dragonborn is divided into 2 : Armor and Weapon

Optional File "Unique Shield Converter"

If you use this optional file, you can convert unique heavy shields into light shields or unique light shields into heavy shields at a tanning rack.(Need some materials and original unique shield.)
Of course you can put them back, and improve them at a grindstone.

For example, you can change Spellbreaker to Light Spellbreaker, Light Spellbreaker to Spellbreaker, Dawnguard Rune Shield to Dawnguard Rune Heavy Shield, Dawnguard Rune Heavy Shield to Dawnguard Rune Shield.

Unique shields that I added are...

Light Shield of Solitude
Light Shield of Ysgramor(15% smaler than the original shield)
Light Spellbreaker(15% smaler than the original)
Light Targe of the Blooded
Auriel's Light Shield
Aetherial Light Shield(15% smaler than the original)
Dawnguard Rune Heavy Shield

Lite version
In this version, Only an original shield and one ingot are necessary to convert unique heavy shields into light shields or unique light shields into heavy shields at a tanning rack.

Optional File "Mask Converter"

If you use this optional file, you can convert Dragonpriest masks and Masque of Clavicus Vile from heavy armor into light armor, and into clothing or from light armor into heavy armor, and into clothing at a Tanning Rack.
(Heavy > Light > Clothing > Heavy > Light...)
(Light > Heavy > Clothing > Light > Heavy...)

There are Normal version and ODPM compatible version and SkyJubs Invisible Helmets (SIH) compatible version.
Select one of Mask_Converter.esp, Mask_Converter_ODPM.esp and Mask_Converter_SIH.esp.
If you have Dragonborn, select one of Mask_Converter_Dragonborn.esp, Mask_Converter_Dragonborn_SIH.esp.

In ODPM compatible version, you can put on a mask of clothing and a helmet or a circlet at the same time.
If you are putting on Mask of light armor or heavy armor, you can't put on helmet or circlet at the same time.

Mask Converter for Dragonborn
You can convert DLC Dragonborn's Dragonpriestmasks to heavy armor or light armor or Clothing at a tanning rack, can improve all of them at a workbench, can upgrade a leveled mask at a forge if your level is high enough.

I recommend to install with NMM or Wrye Bash. (Download NMM and BAIN package.)

Install with NMM:
1, Download with Manager.
2, Select this mod in the Mods tab of NMM.
3, Press the "Activates the selected Mod" button.
4, Select features.

Install with Wrye Bash:
1, Run Wrye Bash.
2, Select Installer tab of Wrye Bash and then drag and drop my mod's 7zip archive.
3, Right-click and then select "Wizard".
4, Select features.

Compatible with any mod that does not modify the statistics or enchantments of Unique items.
Compatible with DLC Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn.
Compatible with ACE - Combat Skills(If you use with Dawnguard, use Improved_Artifact_Dawnguard_ACE.esp.)
Compatible with the mods that change Unique weapon's appearances.
Compatible with Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks, Open Dragon Priest Masks by Calyps.
Compatible with the mods that changes Helmet's apprearances.
Compatible with SkyJubs Invisible Helmets - No Helmet Mod by Jubeldibub(Put it after my mod.)

Incompatible with T3nd0s Skyrim Redone

==Load Order==
Please put ESPs of my mod like as follows
(unofficial skyrim patch.esp)
(unofficial dawnguard patch.esp)
(unofficial dragonborn patch.esp)
(ACE Archery.esp)
Improved_Artifact_Dawnguard.esp(if you use ACE Archery, use Improved_Artifact_Dawnguard_ACE.esp)
Mask_Converter.esp(if you use SkyJubs Invisible Helmets, use Mask_Converter_SIH.esp.), (If you use ODPM, use Mask_Converter_ODPM.esp.)

==Recommended Mods==
Unique Uniques by InsanitySorrow
-Appearances of Unique weapons become very good and unique.

Skyrim Leveled items can level up Unique upgrade balanced by Darkangel13
-You can upgrade leveled items.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch or
Lost Art of the Blacksmith
-I didn't add missing weapon and armor improvement recipe (Except DLC's Unique items), for example Wuuthrad, The Shield of Ysgramor. If you use one of these mods, you can imporve them. I regulated unique items assuming your using one of their mods.

==Change Log==
Savos Aren's Amulet
-Reduced "Fortify Magicka" to 60 from 70(vanilla:50)
-Reduced "Regenerate Magicka" to 20% from 30%(vanilla:0%)

Notched Pickaxe
-Increased "Fortify Smithing" to 8 from 5

Ulfric's Clothes, Ulfric's Boots, Ulfric's Bracers
-Added "Ulfric's clothing full set"(Time between shouts is reduced 15% and increases Armor Rating by <50> points, if wearing all Ulfric's clothes.)

Mythic Dawn Robes
-Added Fortify Conjuration

Mythic Dawn Robes, Boots, Gloves
-Added "Mythic Dawn full set"(+30 Magicka, if wearing three Mythic Dawn clothes.)

Merged ESP : Fixed some errors.

Generally, the cost of unique weapon's enchantment is lower than vanilla(1/2?1/10) except what I didn't touch.
All unique armor set and all unique clothing set have unique set bonus.
A few weapons have "hidden" enchantment.(You see the enchantment in read_me. )

You can't see the changes by this mod in the description of some Dragon priest masks.
But you can see the changes in active effects.
This is to Keep compatibility with MOD that change Dragon Priest Masks.

See ReadMe for details.