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If you run SKSE and SkyUI you should check out Immersive Spells and Light - Spells emit light by Quando for the mod you are looking for. If you don't use the aforementioned peripherals, continue.

Magic is light has variance in lighting for spells. Stealthy spells like muffle cast no light. It only makes sense to me that most spells would be darker than flames or arching electricity. While an arch of electricity is bright as hell, a ward is just a soft glow.

Supports Dawngaurd and Dragonborn. Doesn't require them, though.

This mod is a lot like Spells give off light by Moredekai. I made it for my self a while ago because magic should be awesome.
His page has great .ini edits that I personally have used since I was told about his, to correct shadow striping issues.

These mods can be run together. The one further down the load order wins. I don't know why you would, though.

If you have suggestions, please be specific. Toss 'em im the comments. So many effects have been individually modified that it is hard for me to know which effects are applicable to requests given. My tastes are geared towards myself.

how this mod works

Everyone who mods Skyrim should have at least the creation kit. To change/add lighting effects in my mod or your own open the CK and load Skyrim.esm along with this, or any other mod you wish to alter. I like to make the mod I'm changing the active file. After it loads open the WorldObjects branch and click the Light branch. Most light effects are in there. Castable light has a shadow in the description i.e. Shadow Hemisphere or Shadow Omnidirectional.
If you use NMM all changes will be deleted upon re-installation of the original mod. Useful for restoring the mod to it's original state after curious tinkering.
Never uninstall a mod you are referencing in the CK. You are better off closing the CK first. Backup any .esp that have custom settings you prefer. I hope this helps.

If you create any settings you want to share, post it to the Nexus. Send me a link and I will post it on my page so others will see it, too.

For those that yearn for less light, ok. Optional files are up.

  • v2 I fixed the shadows cast by the player. No more shadow fragments.
  • Optional files are stand alone. Use only one at a time.
  • V0.2
  • Added more effects to the casting of spells. Now zapping the crap out of someone will cast shadows on the wall. Adjusted the brightness and saturation of idles.
  • v0.1
  • Weild light in your hands. Kill with it.

Should be compatible with most everything. Just Load mine after.
Install with NMM or unpack with Winrar and put in the Data folder. Tick MagicIsLight.esp in default launcher.


  • With added shadow casting light there is an fps hit. I recommend Disable lights far from actors. I received ten to fifteen fps on my crappy laptop.
  • In interior cells the effect can be intermittent due to limitations of the game engine. If there is lots of shadow casting lights, spells aren't light till you are out of rendering distance. DLFFA doesn't fix this due to it doesn't delete the lights, it disables them.