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The thieves who accost you on the roadside now wear the Thieves Guild's unique armor, since they're ostensibly Thieves Guild members.

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The wilderness thieves will leave you be if you're wearing Thieves Guild armor, mention seeing the player at the Ragged Flagon, and graciously thank Nightingales. Yet they dress like bandits.

So, they now wear the Thieves Guild uniform. They can wear either the standard set or the sleeveless set, and if they wear the standard set, they can wear either the normal hood or the loose one like Cynric wears.

The armor may not be looted from their corpses. It's Elven quality, which may make them a bit tougher at lower levels yet conversely, weaker at higher level, but probably not by much.

Nothing else about the thieves is changed aside from their choice of attire.


A working copy of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Place the contents of the .7z file in your "Data" folder, which is usually located under Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim.

The ReadMe document is not required for the mod to run -- you may keep it or discard it.


Delete the included .esp file.


Replace all older files with newer versions. If in doubt, replace all mod files with the contents of the latest uploaded archive.

No in-game configuration is necessary.


As of yet, none.


This should be compatible with practically any mod that isn't altering WEThiefOutfit. Any mod-added NPC who might be wearing that outfit will have their armor converted to Thieves Guild armor, which may be inappropriate.